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  1. I can add that I’ve been fired from netting fish in just such a situation 😬
  2. John, monday we fished till about 1 we did catch quite a few bluegill on worm harnesses nothing of size we ran out of worms and went to flicker shad
  3. What species are you targeting in the tourneys? and welcome to the forum
  4. Nice brother duane you run outta worms too?
  5. Nice job John P. We had spoons and didn’t use them
  6. We try not to catch the stinking bass 😁 its was very windy today we had a very exciting bite on worm harnesses until we ran outta worms switched to crankbaits and caught a couple more
  7. Probably show post this on the hunting forum.... BilletHead here’s a goose pic for ya
  8. We climbed over the hand rails today go some strange looks from people walking by we encountered no troubles
  9. Bobby B a slow down for the bite is what we have been experiencing so far however we have had many past fish trips when have had better fishing during the flow, I think these were during cooler weather / water temperatures today we landed 1 good walleye we most of the day today
  10. Are goose hunting too just a very passive approach 😁
  11. K dock 10/6 fishing was slower today than yesterday 1 Wally in the boat, That Jen made a really great net save on. A nice crappie. Then another walleye, this time had to fire the net girl, the fish was lost.
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