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  1. 4 star point guard Blake Harris commits to MU. If we get Kevin Knox..holy cow.
  2. You're right Joe. Impossible not to get excited about the possibilities, but lots still needs to happen. This just feels unlike MU of the last few years.
  3. 4-5 star center Jeremiah Tillmon from East St. Louis asked for release from his LOI to play for Illinois. Cuonzo Martin is from East St. Louis. I would say the odds are in our favor he winds up at Mizzou. 5 star Kevin Knox is set to visit April 8 and 9. That is a tougher sell, but hard not to think about the possibilities. Incredible. The Mizzou momentum is off the charts.
  4. I think Odom will be fine, but the decision to change defense was a really bad choice. You gotta know your players better than that. We will be a gap D eventually, but it takes a different type of player that MU does not have yet.
  5. The hiring of recruits parents as coaches happens a lot. See Manning example as noted above. Porter Sr was on staff at Washington . He is very well connected to AAU. He is probably more qualified than most, but clearly it is about his son. If a school wants to spend money....I don't care....they can only have so many coaches. It won't change...cause then if your parent was a coach you could never play for them. That wouldn"t be right either. It is a loophole, but it is perfectly within the rules.
  6. mine too. Pretty darn excited.
  7. From MU's twitter account...a few minutes later
  8. It is official...
  9. Nothing to investigate Joe. It is good. Enjoy the possibilities for once.
  10. Yeah, i agree. Still holes even with the Porter's, and I like the hire regardless if they come our not. I think the younger Porter is currently listed as a top 25 recruit for 2018. If so he might be more important than the older one as far as building a program. Cuonzo is a great recruiter so I feel very good about his ability to recruit the talent needed.
  11. Well it is Mizzou so history has me waiting for the other shoe to drop. They weren't coming for Anderson and they weren't going to leave Romar, but those two things have changed. Mizzou is certainly the favorite. Should be a very interesting two or three weeks for MU basketball.
  12. It is possible if they can get a couple more guys along with the Porters. We see what comes together. At the very least it is more excitement than I have seen in 3 years.
  13. Younger Porter is a real possibility to re-classify and play next year with his brother. He has the credits to graduate high school early should he choose to do so.
  14. This is a good hire IMO. Martin is a great recruiter, but the jury is out on his coaching IMO. Not sure he was in good situations at either Cal or TN (ran him off). It is very interesting reading the Porter rumors that came out yesterday. It appears this has been in the works for awhile with Anderson and Romar on the hot seat. I was aware Romar was the godfather to the Porter kids, but did not know that Martin and Porter Sr were in each others wedding. I don't see how those kids don't end up at Mizzou now. If Sterk manages to pull this off it would be pretty incredible IMO. He certainly did his research and knows how to make a splash. We will see if Martin can keep the ball rolling, but for a day at least the program appears headed for a 180.
  15. I was curious about the numbers of fish. Pretty low last fall...with normal weekend crowds it was kinda dissapointing. I wonder what the stocking rate is this year...seems to be little information on it