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  1. stlfisher

    College Football

    Well the game Saturday night was fun to watch!
  2. stlfisher

    Akers Microfishing - 9/23/17

    Those are some great pictures. Looks like you had a great time!
  3. stlfisher

    Your first "big" smallmouth?

    Lots of great stories. Mine was a hair under 18 out of the Huzzah last year. Nothing different on that day besides the rain and parade of floaters running aground on the same non discript tree in the middle of a benign stretch of water. With a 50 yard window you would have thought the river navigation would have been better. Most memorable came from the Mineral Fork. The sole of my shoe became separated from the rest so I was attempting to walk upstream. I wasn't really fishing much just kind of slinging around slowly trudging to my car. Anyway came to a small riffle with a tree crossing over it. Didn't really cast just kind of dunked my fly in while walking. Felt the strike, shoe caught in the current, and into the laydown I went. The water was shallow, but man that hurt. Caught the fish though and at the time it was my biggest about 16 inches. Totally not worth it though.
  4. stlfisher

    College Football

    Charlie Strong did great at Louisville and is doing fine in South Florida. It was always going to be Herman at Texas and Strong was not exactly welcomed. So yeah, I think you need to consider it. Likely, it will be a mid major guy, but that is always high risk/high reward. I heard a rumor about a certain coordinator from the Giants. I seriously doubt it is true and I don't imagine it would be well received.
  5. stlfisher

    College Football

    I agree. Whoever they get has to either be an ace recruiter or someone that can develop talent. This staff doesn't appear to be able to do either. I think for MU to be successful you have to be able to develop players. Plenty of SEC schools such as A@M and TN have loads of talent, but neither coach can develop. MU is going to have to find a coach from a mid major who is ready to take the next step. Unfortunately, I think there are going to be a lot of good jobs open so the timing is not ideal. I think you need to give Charlie Strong a look. He never fit in Texas and that was doomed from the start, but he could be great for MU.
  6. stlfisher

    College Football

    After today I think you gotta fire Odom. You could say last year the mistakes were youth, but this team is extremely poorly coached and appears to regressed from last year. Lack of talent doesn't help, but the coaching is atrocious and Heupal's offense doesn't work against any decent defense.
  7. stlfisher

    College Football

    Anyone still feeling optimistic? Mine optimism was shredded after the 1st quarter of the MO State game. Purdue does not look like a push over against a Mizzou team that looks a lot like last year. We have to win tomorrow or we are in big trouble.
  8. stlfisher

    Cuonzo Martin

    Looks like Jontay Porter will in fact skip his senior year and enroll at MU this fall. Top 3 class. If Cuanzo can coach this could be fun for a few years. The only one and done is MP. Jontay will be around for awile.
  9. I fished for bass with a baitcaster for years, then fly fished exclusively for 8 years. Now I do both and it is usually seasonal. Spring is fly rod for bluegill, trout, and bass. Summer is baicaster for when bass go deep amd my lakes get overgrown and winter is fly fish for trout. I like it all. I don't fish enough rivers...maube when the kids get older. The biggest issue at this stage of life is finding time. I spend to much on fishing, but you can't take your money with you. Think too many feel it has to be one or the other. There is a time and place for it all.
  10. stlfisher

    Nice bass yesterday

    Yeah, we spend a lot of time at pond down the street catching Bluegill. He loves it. Then he caught a bass and now he wants to that, but realizing it is a bit more challenging. Yesterday, was the first time I took him to fish with my buddy so he was pretty enamored with him. A legend in a little boys eyes I am sure. My buddy was a great sport about it. A lot of times I just load up both my boys and we just go look at rivers, lakes, creeks, playground etc. It sounds kind of hokey, we call it adventuring, but they love it.
  11. stlfisher

    Nice bass yesterday

    Thank you. He really wanted to fish yesterday, but changed his mind when he got to the lake. He had fun, but wasn't feeling the fishing today. I usually wait for him to ask to go...so he doesn't feel pressured to say "yes" when he doesn't want to. He does a great job, but at times he just wants to go and explore.
  12. Caught this nice one yesterday and several more just a bit smaller. Been a long time since I caught that many big fish in a day. It was hard to leave, but the little guy wanted to head home. My buddy caught several nice ones as well.
  13. stlfisher

    Current trip

    Yeah, the cable is much deeper than it used to be and a more challenging wade. There were about 5-6 angler's fishing it Saturday so we moved on. I did good on terrestials/hopper along the bank as well.
  14. stlfisher

    Current trip

    Finally, made it down to the Current on Saturday. Boy was it crowded. Tan Vat was full of what I assume was a family reunion. Rarely, do I see floaters between Tan Vat and Baptist, but I bet we saw 30 boats. Many doing the same float over and over again. Their river too, but kinda hard not be a bit annoyed in a stretch usually dominated by wading. It was an all day thing too, not just a passing group. Fishing was pretty solid. Caught a bunch on topwater. Lost a giant Brown on a stone fly that snapped me off. That fish was hot. It will be along time before I hook into another one that big. Still have the image of that giant's jump burned into my brain. It was a holy crap that thing is huge type moment. Seriously, that fish was huge. Fished upstream from Parker a bit in evening. It has been awhile since I have fished that stretch. I don't remember it being that deep upstream. We probably should have walked the trails further, but we were running out of daylight. Managed a few small Rainbows and Brown's but needed to find better water to wade. River has changed, but not as much as I would have thought in the spots we usually fish. Baptist Access looked fine after the cleanup, but since I didn't see it before the flood not sure if it did any damage. I don't know why we thought we could bushwhack upstream from Baptist....that was a bad move in summer time. Need to explore Parker a bit more, but it seemed tough to wade. We had a great time, but as usual would have liked to stay another day or two.
  15. stlfisher

    more weirdness

    I'd agree Norm your a much better guy than I. Probably smart to keep you cool. I would have called the cops as that is stalker type behavior. No doubt they just wanted to piss you off, but they need a lesson.

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