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  1. x2. That looks like it was a great family trip. Them yankee fish sure look funny compared to what I catch in the gulf 😅
  2. We had a good warming trend this week, I think your on the right track. Might throw a smoke colored grub on a 1/4" head if you have the patience
  3. Its like that up and down the texas coast. Its real bad.
  4. I do not fish as much as I would like, but in the last 13 years fishing on the white/cc/buffalo I have never been checked or even seen a warden.
  5. Rv spots on the water are about $2700 a month in key west...just sayin.
  6. ditto. probably full snowbird status for me. texas or florida
  7. If anyone needs a co-angler I would be interested. I have never even fished taney.
  8. If you care to venture across the border into Arkansas I can assist but would rather not post on here.
  9. I think all the new big motors are drive by wire. That is a cool idea with the jet nozzle, wonder how fast it steers? It could get sideways easy I bet
  10. I doubt they ever do. I can only see it being used for big offshore boats, maybe singles for 24ft bay boats, although I dont know how popular its gonna be.
  11. That is truly revolutionary. 1200lb each though!
  12. wow that is excessively thick for a boat meant to be paddled
  13. Beautiful fish, glad ya'll had a great time! What brought you down?
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