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  1. gotmuddy

    Gotmuddy MIA!!!

    thanks, i am trying to put together a tuna trip this winter, you game?
  2. gotmuddy

    Gotmuddy MIA!!!

  3. gotmuddy

    Gotmuddy MIA!!!

    not sure if anyone has noticed(or cared) that I have been absent for the better part of two years, mainly its because I have been focusing on saltwater fishing more. So far this year I have been 4 times(??).
  4. gotmuddy

    SOLD. Please delete. Thanks

  5. I ran a 24v minn kota for a while with this setup, also have ran a 12v(parallel). Under normal usage on my boat(1652 jon) I was good for 2-3 days easily.
  6. I use AGM batteries, but not what you would expect. I use wheelchair batteries. UB12350 to be exact. They are light, handle discharge great, and last seemingly forever. You can use a regular charger on AGM batteries, although I prefer using a pulse charger.
  7. so I can find out when your coming back down here. Need to get my jig rod back. you can text me also 870-710-1806
  8. gotmuddy

    Zigjig Questions

    look for tri-olive, olive ginger, olive brown, and white or white/grey.
  9. gotmuddy

    Official Jigfest #4 food thread

    let me know if you want to go with us. we will be down there new years, middle feb, and next summer
  10. gotmuddy

    The White River Song..... from Jigfest

    He played some doobie brothers, alman brothers, David Allen coe
  11. gotmuddy

    The White River Song..... from Jigfest

    I was hoping no one was paying attention lol
  12. gotmuddy

    For Sale- 21ft Kenner Center Console

    whats wrong with that motor? was it flooded by salt or fresh water?
  13. gotmuddy

    The White River Song..... from Jigfest

    Miles did a awesome job. Wish I could play
  14. gotmuddy

    JigFest 2017 - Let the bragging begin!

    This past january I fished at cotter with my bay boat. it was around 12 degrees when we got there and got all the way up to 25 by the time we left. Actually didnt feel that bad

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