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  1. hit up reel surprise charters, they have a 5hr trip thats only 65 bucks right now.
  2. I have two 9.9s for sale. one is a super clean mid 90s nissan thats turned up to 18hp for 650. I also have a 2010 yamaha 9.9 4 stroke for 1250
  3. pretty sure I saw this on FB and it has a prop.
  4. Maybe I can fish friday and hang out at the cabin for a bit.
  5. I found out I cant come either, my wife is scrapbooking that weekend in eureka. Actually this has been on the calender for months and I forgot lol
  6. Good article. I love southern, LA, the marsh is beautiful.
  7. every time we go to the beach he asks about catching a shark, and for some reason a grouper lol. Maybe this is the year for both.
  8. They had a blast, even got to play games at pizza inn That jig look familiar? Same one I slayed them on when we fished there now I just gotta get him on a shark and I think his life will be complete lol great advertisement right there.
  9. Sunday my boy, my little brother, and I were out running the roads. We went down near Guion to trade for a trailer, then went to see our friends at Riley's Station to pick up a atv to work on. We took a little boat ride up to buffalo shoals and got the boys on a couple trout before they froze. Caught them on a white zigjig. They had a blast. after we left we went and got pizza, I am pretty sure they thought they had died and gone to heaven.
  10. I woke up new years morning and decided to head to the river to get some fishing in. I only fished from 9:30 to 10:30 but caught 7 trout, including a small brown and a 16" rainbow which gave me some great acrobatics. I thought I would have the river to myself, but I was mistaken. It was as packed as I have ever seen it. I found a couple spots where I could fish alone though and still had fun, and that's what counts.
  11. I have a cot as well if its needed.
  12. We had our second baby in Feb 17, I was fishing jan 17 and april 17. You need a better excuse😂😂
  13. I totally agree. My trip to the beach with my son was the highlight of my year. He had such a great time.
  14. Want to plan a saltwater trip next year? Would be cool to fish big lake with a certified coonass
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