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  1. Thanks for the report, I cant wait to get into the salt again...next week!
  2. Typical government problem. Why in the hell would congress have any know-how into what levels the lakes should be at?? All last fall they should have been dumping water.
  3. Lake norfork just opened up, dumping 12k cfs currently.
  4. I would totally buy it but the chances of me going to st louis anytime soon are slim to nil.
  5. I am currently sitting in mountain home listening to the rain. norfork will be at 580 before noon I guarantee.
  6. flood gates gonna be opening today
  7. Covid free(basically) here!
  8. I would love to go, and I am willing to take the risk.
  9. I went camping this past weekend. Not a soul around other than my family. it was amazing.
  10. Wish I had time to watch. I am behind on ozark, deadliest catch, and westorld!
  11. i guarantee its like that all over the country. If we had the ability to test everyone we would find this virus is far less deadly than is being portrayed
  12. I ended up spending the day with the wife/kids. we went to the river and did a little fishing, and got my son in my kayak for the first time, it went great. The water was moving pretty strong, in fact we saw three teenagers floating who launched at smith ford at 11 and I saw them at around 3:30, so they were moving fast.
  13. I am going to float smith ford to heart bridge. About 8 miles, and it will be an all day float. wish me luck!
  14. I heard from a resident of grand isle, LA that they are turning away anyone who does not have a grand isle address, even if they own a camp on the island. Pretty sure they are gonna get sued over that.
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