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  1. I am hoping we can still get the cabin.
  2. I highly doubt we will need anything more than 15 amps, unless the ac unit has a heat pump. I use the propane furnace on my camper which draws 5 amps or less.
  3. I would love to have it at Riley's if its available, but if not then Erik's if he is fine with hosting.
  4. I can bring my camper to Erik's as well. I have an inverter generator I can use if necessary, its quieter than a roof AC unit. I am waiting on a call to go Tuna fishing, I suspect sometime in october or early november I will be going. Hopefully we can have tuna steaks one night.
  5. I am down with that, I can supply any ice needed from work...less than a mile from your place.
  6. I have a camper that sleeps 6-8 comfortably if worse comes to worse.
  7. I can wait until oct 30 to confirm.
  8. The last couple of years I have been trying to hide as much as I can to drop into a lower bracket, no luck yet.
  9. good luck with that!
  10. gotmuddy

    What's Cooking?

    No pic but last night I made fish tacos with fresh sand trout and golden croaker. big hit with the kids.
  11. Some people are more pragmatic than others. What fishinwrench is saying is accurate, but it hurts people's feelings because it seems cold. Until big brother stepped in with social security, our aging population was supported by their family or community, but at that time the average age was way less. We have an aging workforce, as baby boomers are retiring, and too many young people are not working. Look at any trade, ALL are short on labor. I feel this discussion will be much better when we can do it face to face at jigfest, from a safe distance of course
  12. sadly, this is 100% correct. There was a story back in January that mentioned that China had a large % of people not working because of age(old) or disability and at the same time mentioned this virus affected the very old, and those with high risk factors.
  13. That does not make any sense. I commented with actual statistics, and you interject a non-fact?
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