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  1. Hate to hear it man, I am down for a march trip if its early in the month
  2. That was a great year. That crankbait was murdering them
  3. Ill make some of my now famous smoked mac and cheese thursday night, my even more famous red snapper ceviche friday night, and bring fritos/crackers/sour cream/cheese for the chili saturday night. Does vodka count as food? Asking for a friend
  4. I am not picky, I can sleep anywhere, especially after a couple drinks.
  5. I do it all the time haha. Aint no shame! I use a UDS normally with a pitmaster IQ. Or use the snake method on the weber
  6. Get yourself a drum smoker and you wont have to babysit...unless your using it as an excuse to drink, then by all means do it lol
  7. Riley's will have a boat you can rent if you cant find anyone to fish with, and I suspect if your only out part of the day they will pro-rate it.
  8. What do ya'll want to do for dinner thursday night? Ill be there at 5pm thursday.
  9. I will be there thurs-friday-sat nights.
  10. me and a buddy are going to float hodgson to warren saturday. I am a little concerned about the cold front. I am going to try downsizing baits.
  11. I am unavailable the first weeekend. The second weekend I am good to go fri-sun.
  12. Hey I'm not saying we cant do two lol
  13. I cant go that weekend, its the company christmas party.
  14. Too early for a post? Anyone interested? I am available the second weekend in December. Maybe we dont get iced out!
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