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  1. Thats awesome man, you easily made their weekend.
  2. I am big into "red dirt" country, basically not pop-country.
  3. At some point people have to be responsible for their own actions. If someone is not paying attention and hits a kayaker, it is not going to matter if they have a 9.9 or a 250. One thing for certain, you will see people with high hp jet boats(on average) have more knowledge about the river than not. Soil erosion is definitely not being caused by boat wakes either.
  4. I hope they do not put one on, The last thing we need is more restrictions.
  5. I dont see any pictures of that cursed net.
  6. What is your budget? I would get a 1636 or 1448. a 36" boat can be pushed by a 15hp fine, possibly a 48. Your only limit on river fishing is being willing to pull a boat up a shoal. If you watch CL and FB you can get jet motors for under $1500.
  7. Those are great looking baits. Next time I come to springfield I will give you a call.
  8. I agree, to me any time spent on the water is a great trip.
  9. I snuck out of the office at 11 and headed down to Riley's outfitters to do some jig slingin' I took two of my sisters. Water was still ripping. We started out just below the rock jetty above the dock(normally WAY out of the water). After having some technical difficulties(teaching two teenagers how to cast/fish a jig) we got things dialed in. We got in a cut behind the upper end of the island and the girls immediately hooked up with fish, then katie(in the foreground) hooked a second back to back. Nothing after that in that spot so we moved up the buffalo to find some more gentle current. We had to run over 2 miles to get to any current, then decided since it was so nice to run up another mile. I hooked up with a couple trout in a riffle just below a chute, then we went down towards the mouth. While drifting katie caught a smallie on one of my sculpin jigs. Down at the mouth I caught another trout and a sucker. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, and it was amazing being able to fish in shorts and flip flops on christmas eve.
  10. Good report, I am going to fish either the white or norfork tomorrow after work(shutting down at noon)
  11. gotmuddy


    One of our biggest problems is a lack of communication. If people would just talk to one another instead of just getting mad immediately this wouldnt be an issue
  12. gotmuddy


    If a welder is making less than $150k they are slackers. This was probably meant as a dig to fishinwrench, but if not you could not be more wrong. There are thousands of mechanics accross the country making over 100k a year in just the automotive business. One of the biggest issues I see in this country is attitudes like this looking down on people who chose to learn trades(welding, mechanic, linemen, machinist, etc). the IBEW has a huge shortage of people due to this. Now is a great time to be in the labor market.
  13. I am gonna keep it simple: Yellowfin/Bigeye tuna. I still want to do other fishing, but that for sure.
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