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  1. I am going to float smith ford to heart bridge. About 8 miles, and it will be an all day float. wish me luck!
  2. I heard from a resident of grand isle, LA that they are turning away anyone who does not have a grand isle address, even if they own a camp on the island. Pretty sure they are gonna get sued over that.
  3. yeah looks pretty swift at 893 cf/s I prefer to fish it slow, I think I will social distance in my own county this time
  4. Its a good idea, ponca was overrun with people last weekend I hear.
  5. I am not sure, I bet they are trying to keep canoeists away like Arkansas. I am set on South fork now, now just to decide where...
  6. Yah its a smooth river. I am torn, I hate to waste a good day of fishing but paddling new water sounds very tempting.
  7. this is roughly a 6.5 float on the strawberry. Not too far from the house. definitely doable
  8. Now that I am hearing that there are cases of re-infection I am of the belief that it was created by man.
  9. in 2009 when obama won the nobel peace prize for basically showing up, he beat out 200 people who actually did something to further peace Nobel prizes aren't what they used to be.
  10. Yes, just keep it under Fahrenheit 451
  11. I am of the same mind. It may come down to a dart board
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