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  1. Here is a great remake of that song by Whitey Morgan:
  2. Harbor freight hand tools are serviceable. I used them for years before going to snap on. all my stuff is snap on now.
  3. Any females up in the creek or just males? (whites)
  4. This was in the mid 90s, so it may be different now.
  5. In indiana they go to school until 8th grade at public school.
  6. We used to use them back in the 90s and they did good.
  7. have you seen the cast net video?? watched it 100 times, still cant throw a net
  8. Thankfully my bugout spot has a dozen active springs, and one is over 1000 gal a minute
  9. You do not "cure" viruses, they have to run their course. you can lessen the impact of symptoms but you cannot cure it to the best of my knowledge
  10. Thankfully the ranch has two full tanks of gasoline and a 1000 gallon propane tank. my bugout plan is secure.
  11. Once I find the hull I want I will see if the extra weight is worth the extra length. I normally fish by myself, or most one other person
  12. I want to be sure I have something that can take abuse.
  13. I was looking and weld-craft shows the option available for a 14x52 jet tunnel also. I would really like to find a .125 hull though
  14. yah im willing to give up the .5" or so for that reason.
  15. I am currently really liking this hull: https://www.seaarkboats.com/boat/23/1652-mvjt I would rather have a 14ft boat but cant find what I am looking for.
  16. it runs, but currently its not a tiller. Even if I have to spend $350 on a tiller handle I am way ahead
  17. Outboard jets recommends a jet tunnel, which is considerably smaller than a normal tunnel. http://outboardjets.com/boat-selection/ Ideally a tunnel 9-12" wide and 1-2ft long is preferred, and a mod vee will help dissipate bubbles from the intake, and turn a little tighter. I dont think I will find a mod-vee jet tunnel, and will likely end up with a flat bottom jet tunnel. I want the foot above the bottom of the boat. I may research float pods on a jet tunnel
  18. Good podcast I listened to this morning:
  19. I always keep one in a ammo can in the boat along with a big screwdriver and extra drain plug
  20. I recently acquired a jet motor off the trading post. a 40/28 yamaha, for $300. I will be looking for a hull this summer to put it on. I want either a 1452 or 1652. I am leaning towards a 1452, would prefer a .125 hull and a mod v with a jet tunnel. Want to be able to run stupid skinny if need be. I love running in creeks for fun.
  21. The same pressure made to keep dozer track adjusters tight will blow the seal on that driveshaft if there is any restriction. Not fake news, just highly unlikely. If the people who hold the patent say to use a low pressure grease gun I am probably gonna use a low pressure grease gun.
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