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  1. I am not picky, I can sleep anywhere, especially after a couple drinks.
  2. I do it all the time haha. Aint no shame! I use a UDS normally with a pitmaster IQ. Or use the snake method on the weber
  3. Get yourself a drum smoker and you wont have to babysit...unless your using it as an excuse to drink, then by all means do it lol
  4. Riley's will have a boat you can rent if you cant find anyone to fish with, and I suspect if your only out part of the day they will pro-rate it.
  5. What do ya'll want to do for dinner thursday night? Ill be there at 5pm thursday.
  6. I will be there thurs-friday-sat nights.
  7. me and a buddy are going to float hodgson to warren saturday. I am a little concerned about the cold front. I am going to try downsizing baits.
  8. I am unavailable the first weeekend. The second weekend I am good to go fri-sun.
  9. Hey I'm not saying we cant do two lol
  10. I cant go that weekend, its the company christmas party.
  11. Too early for a post? Anyone interested? I am available the second weekend in December. Maybe we dont get iced out!
  12. they dont care what part of the lake, I am gonna say they are wanting to come up this fall.
  13. a friend is wanting to come up and fish for walleye, so we are looking for a guide.
  14. I like my fingers without holes in them! 😬 Thanks Ham. We are headed to gulf shores next month, and I am going to go over there for a day trip to try for some amberjack hopefully
  15. A little late but I went down to fish with a offroading buddy in Gulfport to celebrate his birthday Originally we were going to go to venice fri-sat-sun but plans change as they often do. Friday we fished around Biloxi in my friend's 19ft cc. Fishing wasn't great, we caught some small mangroves, the ever present hardhead and I somehow hooked a small needlefish. We ate a tasty lunch at Gollott's and took it easy the rest of the day.Saturday we went offshore with the owner of Sea2Swamp out of biloxi, he was not hopeful since seas were 4-5ft but his brand new tidewater 28ft cc had an amazingly comfortable ride out to the reef we fished. We probably only actually fished for 3 hours on two different reefs but caught our limit of snapper, one being my 11lb one and the owner of the boats 16lb fish. We cruised around ship island waiting for some rain to pass and were back at the dock by 2pm. We had an amazing dinner at the half shell oyster house in gulfport. I had pecan encrusted redfish...amazing.Sunday was up in the air as the guys we were possibly fishing with did not get back until 11pm and they had ran over 200 miles that day. We got on the water around 9am and got bait around the harbor at pass Christian, MS. We got to the city rigs around 12:30 and I immediately started catching...sharks. all I could land all day was sharks The boat landed 4 snapper and a big sand trout. We had some pretty serious weather approaching so the decision was made to try for some AJ then flee. I hooked two but lost them. After that we took our time getting back to avoid weather moving through. All told we traveled 185 miles sunday but I made some good friends and contacts. I am headed back in november for tuna
  16. hit up reel surprise charters, they have a 5hr trip thats only 65 bucks right now.
  17. I have two 9.9s for sale. one is a super clean mid 90s nissan thats turned up to 18hp for 650. I also have a 2010 yamaha 9.9 4 stroke for 1250
  18. pretty sure I saw this on FB and it has a prop.
  19. Maybe I can fish friday and hang out at the cabin for a bit.
  20. I found out I cant come either, my wife is scrapbooking that weekend in eureka. Actually this has been on the calender for months and I forgot lol
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