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  1. The last couple of years I have been trying to hide as much as I can to drop into a lower bracket, no luck yet.
  2. gotmuddy

    What's Cooking?

    No pic but last night I made fish tacos with fresh sand trout and golden croaker. big hit with the kids.
  3. Some people are more pragmatic than others. What fishinwrench is saying is accurate, but it hurts people's feelings because it seems cold. Until big brother stepped in with social security, our aging population was supported by their family or community, but at that time the average age was way less. We have an aging workforce, as baby boomers are retiring, and too many young people are not working. Look at any trade, ALL are short on labor. I feel this discussion will be much better when we can do it face to face at jigfest, from a safe distance of course
  4. sadly, this is 100% correct. There was a story back in January that mentioned that China had a large % of people not working because of age(old) or disability and at the same time mentioned this virus affected the very old, and those with high risk factors.
  5. That does not make any sense. I commented with actual statistics, and you interject a non-fact?
  6. Might want to read into it more. 200k deaths is only including people who have an AVERAGE of 2.6 high risk factors on top of catching Covid.
  7. I fully appreciate that people here in the country have been social distancing for years. I hope that people in the city start to take note of it and do the same
  8. Not that the virus is fake, that they are trying to put blame on Trump for everyone getting it.
  9. I am not letting it dictate how I live my life. Anyone who is friends with me on FB knows that. BTW I am going offshore fishing in biloxi this weekend and gulf shores in two weeks.😉
  10. I forecast it being out of the US by thanksgiving.
  11. you realize your 100x safer here than st louis right?
  12. I love when a plan comes together.
  13. Here is a NFoW striper from earlier this summer:
  14. I would think the reason whites/hybrids dont run up the NFoW is due to water temp? Opinions?
  15. Like everything in the government, the COE does not communicate, nor care about what happens "downstream" of their job.
  16. I would say gar are pretty smart, they evolved the ability to breath air and have gills.
  17. When lake levels drop they will naturally go back to the lake.
  18. At the current flow it would be suicide to try a jet boat on the NFoW. I would kayak if it were me. The stripers are bad because they gorge on crawfish, not trout. I would fish them out because they are another invasive species.
  19. 2nd weekend of december works great for me.
  20. I just saw this post. The last 3 years have been the second week of december which works great for me because our company christmas party is the first weekend, so I couldnt make it. Last year the water was high but IMO the fishing is as good as it has ever been. If possible can we do it any other weekend than the first in december? I would be fine with thanksgiving weekend even. As far at the 'Rona...it will be gone after november 3, and it has never really showed up here anyway.
  21. I use a lews custom inshore reel for reds/trout, and a custom inshore spinning reel also. I have been very happy. I do not recommend hosing down reels with freshwater unless you dunk one in saltwater.
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