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  1. rangerz21

    Heritage Days?

    That Bluegrass Band is Green side up Great band
  2. rangerz21

    General Truman Lake Question

    Hope it is not in teal bend their Home owners assoc is a crooked bunch of theives
  3. rangerz21

    Water temps

    i fished the Lower Grand friday and saturday the main lake on my guage was 50.1 and in the bigger creeks towards the i saw 53 but the smaller ones didnt change
  4. rangerz21

    2015 Annual Fisheries Report

    MOpan do they have this kind of chart for Truman Thanks for the info
  5. rangerz21

    Master Plan Update Meeting

    I am sure you are right Thanks for the reply
  6. rangerz21

    Master Plan Update Meeting

    Thanks mopan do you know if truman will have anything like this Thanks
  7. rangerz21

    Rainbows In Table Rock?

    Amazing how every state can stock Bass and Crappie But Missouri had the best conservation department. Bur every other State stocks Bassand crappie with a very high succes rate. The largest Hatchery in the state is Lost Va;;ey fish hatchery in Warsaw Mo is empty 95 percent of the ponds have been dry for years. And they wont make a attempt to stock a bass a Half mile away in Truman Lake.
  8. rangerz21

    Water Temps?

    32 degree nights with a cloudy day with the high being 48 doesn't warn the water very fast need some warm rain would help a bunch. Kast night areas around state park had hail the size of peas 3 inches deep
  9. rangerz21

    Water Temps?

    44 degrees on the lower end tuesday afternoon
  10. rangerz21

    Crappie Biting

    Dot out today caught them on the Lower end Really Good over brush piles 20-25fow about 12 feet down
  11. rangerz21

    Sunday, 2-9-14

    I would agree champ she put it on alot of anglers when i drew her on the front or back including me.
  12. rangerz21

    Truman Fishing Reports

    Yes right now you can put in at shawnee bend,state park,or long shoal fish any bluff you should see the shad at 22-24fow the lake could be as deep as 40 foot all you need to do is fish the bait balls very typical for this time of year
  13. rangerz21

    Truman Fishing Reports

    What area of the Lake are you fishing????
  14. rangerz21

    2014 Missouri Usa Bassin

    Your right Champ Wayne and his wife have there hands tied. They came up to Truman Lake and i know didn't cover there expenses. So for that i would like to thank them for doing that. Great People a lot of work just so we can do something that we enjoy. The last fall event was windy and they knew that attendance would be low but they still drove up and put it on Thanks Wayne
  15. rangerz21

    Jerkbait Rod Suggestions

    Great article champ. I have been fishing a jerk bait now foe only 30 yrs. i feel Mike hit it on the head i use a 6'6" rod on the old rebels. And a 6' rod on the newer style jerkbaits

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