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  1. First time on Stockton in a LONG time. Got on the water around 9:30 am and got off at 3:00 pm. Fished between Orleans Trail and Hawker. Only caught 5 but 3 of them were keepers. Biggest went 18 inches. 2 came on the a-rig, 2 on a jerkbait, and one on the ned. Water temps were 46 to 47 degrees. I'm sure that cold front that went thru a couple of days ago didn't help. Really not sure where the fish are hanging out. I mainly fished main lake and secondary points.
  2. I haven't been on the site in a week or so. I'm in San Diego welcoming a new grandson. Saw this thread about "winter safety" so I thought I'd give it a look. A few posts about safety, but 5 pages of posts about monkeys, dolls, and squirrels. Fishing must be really bad right now!😁
  3. Walcrabass will be proud of you!😀
  4. I need to get down to Stockton soon. The bass should be shallow.
  5. I got to fish several times in Montana primarily on Belt Creek east of Great Falls. I struggled the first couple of trips out, but finally figured something out after the weather changed. I had been throwing hoppers, ants and beetles and getting quite a few swirls, but few hookups. We made a side trip up to Eureka Montana to attend a wedding and I got a couple of hours on the Tobacco River. I caught 3 kokanee salmon. Back to Great Falls and on Labor Day the weather changed. It snowed in the higher elevations. After that I switched to a purple haze. It was game on after that. Nothing big,
  6. Put in at Long Shoals about 9:00 am. Water temps were 57 to 58 to start the day and when we got off the water at 5:00 pm they were running 64 to 65 in the back ends of the big coves. Spent the day looking for crappie. Had one in the first hour, and only 4 in the first 4 hours. Around 2:00 pm it started changing. As the afternoon wore on the crappie fishing got better and better. We started catching them shallow. We hit one stretch of bank probably 25 feet long where we caught 15 to 20. I don't fish Truman a lot, but the size of the fish was really impressive. Nothing under 10 inches a
  7. Really pretty clear. 4 feet or better.
  8. Me and a buddy hit the water around 8:30 am. Put in at Orleans Trail and started there. Water temps were 53 to 56 throughout the day. I would first like to say that I am extremely disappointed in President Trump and the CDC. The bass seem to have followed the social distancing guidelines. They obviously distanced themselves from me and each other. 😀 We only caught 6 fish, however 2 of them were really nice. 3 came on an elegy bone Megabass 110+1. One came on a slow rolled spinnerbait. Two came on the ned. All of them came from just outside of the bushes. I really don't hav
  9. When do morels show up? Never looked for any and never ate any. Would like to change that.
  10. The Corps forecast page for the Kansas City Region has Stockton at 874.48 today (Friday 3-20) and to be 878.02 tomorrow.
  11. If the Corps of Engineers forecast is correct, the lake is to rise 3 1/2 between today and tomorrow.
  12. So........ You took the bass with you to Table Rock!😀
  13. I kind of wondered if you and Lifes2short had hidden the bass somewhere. 😀
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