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  1. dprice: I have a Skeeter. You have a SKEETER!!! Sweet looking rig.
  2. I haven't seen a post from dprice in quite some time. I hope all is well. I've never personally met him, but the discussions I've had with him, and his posts on this forum, he seems like a nice guy. From what I could tell, he can REALLY fish a jig. I believe he has a son with the name dirtracer on this forum.
  3. Now they are forecasting it to only reach 883.93. But Truman will reach 30 feet high. And a good part of Truman's drainage basin is in a flash flood watch.
  4. Corps of Engineers estimate for Monday is 885.05. It does look like they plan to release a lot of water starting Monday. But this all depends on what the weather does between now and then.
  5. Here is a link to the Corps website that shows the forecast for the Kansas City region lakes. http://www.nwd-mr.usace.army.mil/rcc/nwk/lakepool.txt
  6. According to today's COE estimate, by Thursday it is supposed to be 12 feet high but I doubt that takes into consideration today's rain.
  7. How high will she go? Stockton was a little over 8 feet high before this monsoon.
  8. Great job. Just when it should turn on we get cold temperatures and now a flash flood watch with the potential of several inches of rain. This could be a near duplicate of what happened last year. The fish move into spawn and the lake rises several feet. Maybe I should take up golf! 😁
  9. I think I gave you some bad advice. I went down and put in at Ruark Bluff and headed up Sons Creek. Water temps were from 59 to 62. I couldn't find any crappie shallow. I really thought that the water would be warmer. I fished around there until about 1:00 pm and only had 3 fish. A 5 or 6 pound carp and 2 largemouth. One of the largemouth was a keeper (15 3/4 inches). I pulled out and headed to Orleans Trail. That's where I found the white bass and bass. Ended up catching somewhere between 50 and 60 fish. 20 or so largemouth, smallmouth, and 1 kentucky. One 11 inch crappie. The rest were white bass. Most of them caught on a silver & white Keitech, or a white 1/16th ounce grub. Pretty good day but also disappointing. I was really wanting to find some crappie.
  10. I know last weekend they were catching them tight to rocky banks. I caught 2 while bass fishing. I would think the white bass spawn would be over but I don't fish for them specifically.
  11. The crappie should be on the banks bigtime. If they aren't, they should be close. I would bring a bunch of minnows and use a bobber. Set it for 18 inches and work the banks. Depending on how many kids you have, you may be spending all your time taking fish off and putting minnows on! 😀
  12. Good job Dutch. In my humble opinion, the ned is one amazing bait. I know some may scoff at it, but it sure produces for me. A couple of years ago I had a friend call me up to get some advice on what to throw. He had been invited to go with someone that used to fish Stockton a lot back in the 80's. I told him to throw the ned. His friend was throwing something that used to be a hot bait back when he fished Stockton. After my friend caught his 17th bass, the other guy broke down and asked for one. I guess he spent the rest of the trip catching fish and just shaking his head in disbelief.
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