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Ok Boys... Here We Go!

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said it will open all the Norfork Dam floodgates 2 feet each at 7:30 a.m. today, said Corps lake manager Jon Hiser.

The floodgates first opened at 4 a.m. and opened one foot each at 6 a.m., the Corps reported.

The 12 floodgates will release water at 30,000 cubic feet per second, Hiser said. With the generators running, the amount of water released will be equivalent to 11 to 12 generators, he said.

At 5 a.m., Norfork Lake was at 580.83 feet and Bull Shoals Lake was at 688.76 feet, according to Corps information

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This is the first time in 10 years that I have had water standing on the lower section of my land outsde of Harrison. I had a friend float from Ponca to Pruitt early this week and said the upper sections were really scarred.


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At 1:50pm 4-10-08 The siren went off on our weather radio here on Bull Shoals. I'm quoting it as best I can: The report said that the COE declared a state of emergency and said they will raise Taneycomo 3-4 feet THIS afternoon. Evacuation is in effect for residents on Taneycomo.

Secure what you can guys. Turn off your power before leaving your home. Get to high ground. There is a shelter set up at the United Methodist church on Highway 76 in Branson

Bull Shoals can only take about 5 more feet to max. We are watching carefully. It won't take long...

You are in our prayers


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Here's some pictures of Rockaway Beach and Bull Creek. Just got back from there. We had to help Summer's parents move there stuff out of there new home they recently just built. It's was real sad. I can only imagine what some of these people are going through. There in my thoughts and prayers.











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The emergency alert system just went off a little while ago and said it was activated at the request of Taney County Emergency Management. The USACE had informed them that they were going to have to open the flood gates further, adding about another 4' of water on upper Taneycomo and at least another 10,000 cfs. They advised everyone living along the shoreline above downtown Branson to shut off gas valves and cut main power to their houses and evacuate. TCEM has opened a shelter at the UMC on Hwy 76. In the 10 years since we moved to Branson, I've never heard of anything like this. And we've seen other serious high water events.

But Norfork is what is really amazing. I heard something like 66k cfs just a bit ago! Down that narrow river? OUCH! I saw a pick on the noon news of a seriously smashed boat dock. I hope the ones on upper Taney fare better than that.

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Water is about 18 inches over our road in the back. It's a good 5 feet short of our lower units but we moved everything out just in case.

We took a boat ride about an hour after they kicked on 5 more gates. People on the observation hill were clicking pics at us... funny tourist.

I didn't get one of the gates... absent minded. But got some good video.

Docks are holding up pretty good. Some are twisting and turning and tipping in the water a bit. If one goes in a line, they all will. Keep an eye on the web cam- you might see one go by.

Here's some pics.













The last 2 images were taken this morning by Wily.

My internet is real slow right now- images are still being uploaded.


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