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Phil Lilley

New Map Of Taneycomo

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Cool maps, thanks. Tailwaters are so prone to change due to generation it is nice to have these maps as a guide. We're coming up there Thursday night so we can fish Friday. Hopefully we can get in on just a little bit of some of those big bows yall are catching right now. Taneycomo OWES me some fish! HA! Tight lines.

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Reading this brought back and old memory. We ran Fall Creek Dock for a couple years. One day a brand new shiney Bass boat with about "700" hp motor came flying up the lake past the dock. The lake was super low that day for some reason. The boat hit the rock pile at mouth of Fall creek at about 50 mph! The whole boat launched 5' out of the water for 40 yards! He got it shut down and made his way over to the dock on the trolling motor. He borrowed our phone to call his wife to bring the trailer up from Branson to save him having to troll all the way back. I do not remember the extent of the damage but will never forget the look on his face! HA!

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