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We are going to St. Louis this weekend to see a Cardinals game. The kids are going and we will spend a day at the zoo and would like to eat Friday night on the Hill. Saturday night after the game we will probably eat downtown. Please help with suggestions. Money is not much of a factor since this is our summer vacation. Just looking for good food and an atmosphere that the kids would like. Thanks.

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Dominic's on the Hill is excellent. I used to chef there in the 90s so I may be a bit biased. Dom and his whole family are a great bunch of folks. Kind of a dressy place though.

Charlie Gitto's



All 3 are great.

If you're anywhere near the Hill around lunch time, you're totally cheating yourself if don't get a hot salami sammy at Gioia's Deli.

Mouth's watering just thinking about it.

If you're just looking for bar food, Milo's, katty-corner from St. Ambrose is the place.

I could go on and on....

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My three favorite Italian places are off the Hill... Stellina Pasta on Watson is my favorite, Trattoria Marcella is just down the street from Stellina, and Frank Papa's in Brentwood is great too. Downtown..Mosaic is pretty good, so is An American Place. Not much to recommend on the Landing other than Morgan Street.

If your up for a more urban experiance...you might try South Grand or the Delmar Loop in U.City. South Grand isnt a great neighborhood, but I like the thai food at the Pho Grand, and the Sushi at Seki Sushi. The Delmar Loop attracts a lot of college kids from Wash U. and lots of folks with tats and body piercings..The burgers at Blueberry Hill are outstanding, Riddles and Momo's offer more substantial fare and there are a bunch of other places to choose from

If your looking for more info, heres a good place to look. Have a great trip.


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Here are my "Hill" suggestion. And both are in a reasonable family budget. (Click on the name)



As for downtown, if you mean by the stadium most places are upscale bar food.

I would not suggest An American Place (went there for my anniversay a few months ago, as I was leaving I asked for a refund) It is a lot on the pricey $$$$ide plus the service was terrible.

You could also try Mike Shannon's Steaks & Seafood (it is block away form the ball park).

Here is link to St. Louis Downtown Eateries



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Charlie Gittos is the best place for the money to eat downtown. You get the Hill's quality Italian food, great service and it's right downtown. You could eat their 50 times and not make it through all of the pictures on the wall.

I am not a Dodgers fan, but if Tony Lasorda hits this place everytime he visits St Louis, there has to be a good reason.

If you want to drop $80 a head and get a great steak, go to Mike Shannon's right by the stadium. Short of Tony's, (5 star, $200 a head), it is the best restauant downtown.

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I know this is an old post but pappys smokehouse is voted best barbeque in St. Louis. Not to far west of downtown. Willie Nelson approved with a photo and autograph along with many other famous people. Its a destination restaurant so be prepared for a line at the door during weekends. Reasonably priced.

Any of the sybergs owned establishments are good, especially Helen Fitzgerald's or sybergs westport. Good wings and Irish/American menu. Reasonable prices. Located in st. Louis county.

Senor pice in ballwin mo for Mexican food.

Hotshots bar and grill for sportsfans. (Many locations)

Ted drews frozen custard for desert. (Watson road)

Imos or Pi for pizza. (Pi in kirkwood mo)

Charlie gitto's on the hill for Italian (the hill or Chesterfield location).

These are just a few sugestions and not all are kid friendly.

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Best dish I have ever had is Drunken Noodles at the Pearl Cafe, a thai restaurant on North Lindbergh. You can order the normal spice which is very mild or you can add heat on a pedestrian scale of 1 to 5 with 3 being about right. If you young and adventurous you can order heat levels up to 100. When you go above a heat level of about 25 you are asked to sign a release form. Most all the dishes are very good and the service excellent. This place as become so popular that the wait for a table at lunch time is not practical, so go a little early or late if you can.

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