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Bill Babler

Fishing Report Friday Dec. 2nd

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Aren't those the old Merlin Olsen jigs that the trout parks used to sell in the little viles?

I've used those for a long time and they work great. Sports Authority in St. Louis sells something pretty similar.

Yes they are the same jigs. Merlin Olsen was one of the chief clebs. to promote the jig. The manufactor is Turner Jones formerly of California, where the jigs has been used for over 30 years. They are made under the name of Turner Jones Micro jigs and come in sizes of 556 oz. size 20, 256 oz. size 14 and 126oz. size 10 Bass Pro Shop used to handle them under micro jigs made by Lucky Strike but they were of very poor quality and came apart quite easily. Due to some patent infringements I don't believe BP has them anymore. They are completely hand tied and the srink wrap holds the hen hackle tail to the body. The eyes seem to make a different on the natural colors, but the bright colors for moving water a crome head seems to be the best bet. You can find them in any fly shop in the west or down on the white river. Phil also has them. Never use a forcept on them simply put your finger on the head and push the hook out. You can literally catch a 100 fish per jig if you are delicate with it. It's not sliced bread but it is another yummy goddie to have in your fly box.

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