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3/20 Fishing Trip With Son

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What a great day with my 10 year old son. This was his third time flyfishing and he made me so proud :D . We fished the Watts erea all day. We started fishing about 150 yards down from the fish tube. We fished along the west bank. There were about 5 fly fisherman down thru that stretch and my son was the only one catching fish. He was using a size 14 PT and caught 3 in his first 3 drifts. We stayed there for about 30 min ad he caugth 2 more. All about 9-10 inches.

We decided to do some discovering so we trecked down stream. I had never been down there and was quite suprised to find so many good fishing hole's. Between the first area and a little past the catch and release area we fished 4 or 5 different areas, catching fish at all spots. After a few more times down there I will come up with names for each hole and decribe exactly where there at ;)

The wind kept changing directions and was quite gusty at times. I only had to change my son's leader once :) The bite was again very sutle so I know my son was missing some hits as was I. All and all it was a good day. My son caught about 10 and I caught about 15. All of his was caught on the siaze 14 PT and all mine except one was caught on size 20 Zebra midge (black and white or black and copper). The biggest one about 12-14 inches was caught on a size 10 BH HE (dark Brown). I had 3 however break my line right at the fly (all when I was using the midge). I am not sure if I was using old tippet or my knot tying was sloppy :angry:

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