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Phil Lilley

Quick Link - Lake Levels

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Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake Top Flood Pool: 1130.0
White River Top Power Pool: 1120.4
(BVGA4) Bottom Power Pool: 1077.0



River Levels

White River near Fayetteville, AR

Richland Creek at Goshen, AR

War Eagle Creek near Hindsville, AR

West Fork White River east of Fayetteville, AR

Table Rock Lake - Lake Taneycomo

Table Rock Lake Top Flood Pool: 931.0
Top Power Pool: 915.0
(TRZM7) Bottom Power Pool: 881.0

Taneycomo Power Pool: 702.3 Real time generation - 417-336-5083

http://www.swpa.gov/...nschedules.aspx for estimated generation

702.0 feet -- 000 m.w. -- 0,000 c.f.s.
703.0 feet -- 010 m.w. -- < 1,000 c.f.s.
704.0 feet -- 035 m.w. -- 2,500 c.f.s.
705.0 feet -- 050 m.w. -- 4,000 c.f.s. -- 1 turbine (unit)
705.5 feet -- 075 m.w. -- 5,000 c.f.s.
706.0 feet -- 085 m.w. -- 6,250 c.f.s.
707.0 feet -- 100 m.w. -- 7,500 c.f.s. -- 2 turbines (unit)
708.0 feet -- 125 m.w. -- 8,000 c.f.s.
708.5 feet -- 150 m.w. -- 10,000 c.f.s. - 3 turbines (unit)
709.0 feet -- 175 m.w. -- 11,500 c.f.s.
710.0 feet -- 200 m.w. -- 13,500 c.f.s.
711.0 feet -- 220 m.w. -- 16,000 c.f.s. - 4 turbines (unit)


Dissolved Oxygen Levels & Temperature at Table Rock Dam

Lake at College of the Ozarks:


Lake at College of the Ozarks:


Generation (Table Rock Dam) Megawatts and CFS through Turbines (only):

River Levels

Long Creek at Denver

Yocum Creek near Oak Grove, AR

James River near Springfield, MO

James River near Boaz, MO

James River at Galena, MO

Kings River near Berryville, AR

Bull Shoals - White River
Bull Shoals Lake Top Flood Pool: 695.0
White River Top Power Pool: 654.0
Bottom Power Pool: 628.5


Norfork Lake - Norfork Tailwater
Norfork Lake Top Flood Pool: 580.0
North Fork River Top Power Pool: 552.0
Bottom Power Pool: 510.0


Greer's Ferry Lake - Little Red River
Greers Ferry Lake Top Flood Pool: 487.0
Little Red River Top Power Pool: 461.3
Bottom Power Pool: 435.0


Stockton Lake

Truman Lake

Grand Lake

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Trying to put info here in one place so that we don't have to click on several places to get otherwise. One stop shopping...

Any other suggestions? I'll keep adding as long as they're good links.

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Could you post a link to the projection generation schedule? You might want to make note of the offical caveat and remind folks that it is usually "most" accurate if you make plans after 6 pm the day before your trip. None of the information is a sure thing BUT much better than a total shot in the dark.

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Actually it is posted under Table Rock as well as on the main pages with the link to this page. I can post it more often and in bold perhaps.

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Looking for Holiday Island levels. It is pretty flooded right now, Can anyone assist where I can find the current level ?

Thanks. Bill

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