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Larry Richards

Back Pain Relief

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Since my back injury in 2001 there have been days when I have had to call it a day after 3 or 4 hours on the lake due to back pain.I would adjust my butt seat up and down trying to find a more conferable position through out the day,but I just didnt have the back support that I needed to ease the pain.

A friend that was at the Classic Expo told me about a butt seat that he seen there that was designed by Ez Troll to ease back pain and I thought anything that could keep me on the water longer without back pain was worth a try so I ordered one. When the seat arrived I was impressed with the quality of the seat and after 9 days of fishing I can say that it works to relieve my sore back and keep me on the water for a full day of fishing.If you have had a back injury or just suffer from a sore back I highly recommend this seat.

The seat is manufactured by eztrolltray and there website is: http://www.eztrolltray.com/eztrollseat.html




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I am a physical therapy student and fishing maniac here at MU. From looking at your seat I have some suggestions. Rather than going out and buying somthing expensive that may or may not work try to make some simple adjustments in hope you can find something that relieves your pain and keeps you on the water longer. First try adding some lumbar support to your seat. You can try rolling up a towel width wise and placing that in the small of your low back. Vary the size and location of the roll. If that seems to work you can buy a lumbar roll from office depot or a similar store...walmart might even have them. Aside from that take a look at your posture. Slouching in a seat with a small seat depth will put a lot of strain on your back causing you to call it quits early. Also try to adjust the hieght of your seat so that your thighs are level/parallel with the boat deck. If you can't adjust the seat height place a crate under your feet to get the same effect. Feel free to try this or just delete this message, but I hope what I said gives you some relief. Happp fishing.


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