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Phil Lilley

Fishing Report

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Got an email from a friend in Fayetteville -

I took Coltons PE teacher and his son, Got to the spot at about 4 PM.on Tues. My son in law Morris (Colton's step dad) had been there about 2 hrs. He gave me 6 whites up to 2 lbs and 2 Hybrids to 6 lbs. He had to leave. WE stayed till dark. NO more hybrids, But we fileted a total of 22 whites and 13 good crappie.

And then came Wednesday. JD went out at 2:30 PM. He picked me up at Walkers bluff at 4 PM. He had a 5 lb Hyb 3 whites. We went back to the spot. Same hole as Tues. A small front passed thru and the sky cleared. We moved up to a little deeper water. Immediately caught 2 five lb Hybs and several medium whites. JD had to leave ahout a 6PM. I took him to Walkers bluff. Just down stream we stopped at a crappie spot. 1 Crappie. I turned around the opposite way and caught a good white. JD turned and caught a Hyb approx 7 to 8 lbs. I filleted 26 whites, 3 hybs and 4 big crappie. We got a lot of rain to the south and east last night. May mess the water for the week end.

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