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Fishing Report 10-1-2

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Better late than never.

Short trip to taney fishing 2 hours on oct 1 and rained out .... sheets of rain just as the fish were turning on for me.

I went through all midge patterns with little success and finally began to hook up with brown san jaun worm at outlet 2 and # 18 hare's ear which was working well .... too well as the crowd kept getting closer and closer toward where I was getting bit. I gave it to them and moverd to outlet 1 and the San jaun worm was working again just around the bend past the overhanging tree drifting just off the grass edge with a 1/80 brown jig under it. I netted a real nice rainbow 18" and full of color, girth and fight. In getting it released I broke off the tail of the san jaun and started to tie on another when it started sprinkle. I move under the tree and thought it might soon stop WRONG ...it began coming down in sheets and I got soaked hearing aids and all. Still worth all of the effort.

BTW just on the bend back into the outlet another angler was really doing well with a black wolly bugger throwing straight out and then stripping into the slow water at the end of the outlet. He broke off his last on and I offered to give him one but he was smarter than me and left when the sprinkles started.

Fished the next day out of a boat from Phils but the wind was terrible and they were running lots of water so it was a difficult day but I did manage to catch several nice rainbows in the seam behind lookout island. I caught 4 more downstream floating back to the dock but the wind seemed to be blowing me to the side just as I was getting bit. Lost lots of fish that way but landed this nice one on the shallow side near Andy's. The tape is backwards but it measured 18" but I wanted to get him back into the stream asap since it was a hassle landing in the fast current that he kept going to.


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