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What To Use For Pheasants?

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I had my wife get me some number 6's and some number 5's fiocchi golden pheasants from fiocchi, where she works. I used both when I went to South Dakota 2 years ago, they both shot good but I think I like the number 5's better. I am going back to South Dakota in 2 weeks I can't wait.



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May not be much help but I always shot a double barrel 20 guage.

Used 7 1/2 shot in the 1st barrel, 6 shot in the second. If I was hunting in brush used 6s in both barrels to bust the brush.

My 20 didn't have the knockdown power needed for pheasant but that's all i had ever shot...mainly quail hunted.

Used lighter shot in the first firing barrel to not blow the birds to pieces if they were close and 6s in the second barrel for distance.

If you don't mind hearing a little ramblin I'll tell a little red tailed hawk story on a quail hunt one time.

later on

My friends say I'm a douche bag ??

Avatar...mister brownie

bm <><

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I grew up hunting pheasant in Nebraska. I always used 7 1/2 shot for the first round, in the chamber, followed up by 6 or 4 shot, in the magazine. Not for the reason mentioned above but, because you have more pellets for when the bird first flushes. ( the bird is close and you have a tight pattern, so more pellets helps). ... Then, if you have to take another shot at the bird, you got bigger pellets for the 2nd shot, when the bird is further out.

...But, if I was only using one size shot it'd be 6 shot. ... 5 shot is a great size, but not as common

note: I also used 6 shot because, if you jumped some quail, it wouldn't tear em' up like 4 shot. Now quail is quite rare, so I don't shoot em' anymore


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We have this debate a lot in my hunting party. Two of us only use high brass 6 shot, one uses 7 1/2 and some others use 5. I my opinion the 5's tear up the birds badly if they close at all, and if you are hunting behind dogs you will often get close shots. If you are a blocker for a drive the 5's may be the way to go.


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I am from iowa..have pheasant hunted my whole life. with a 12 or 20 guage, go with high brass 2 3/4" shell, 6 shot for pheasant, 7 1/2 shot for quail.

I shoot a 20 guage 99% of the time, I use exactly what I mention earlier. I shoot pheasants up to 40 yards and knock them down no problem with 6 shot and a modified cyclinder.

5 shot is fine for a 20 guage, but a little big for a 12...good luck

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