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Eagle Nest And Eagle

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Chief, I remember you posted a pic of an eagles's nest earlier this year. ..On my run between KC and Jeff. There is a new nest about two weeks old. There had been two birds on it all week. So, I took my camera, today. Only one bird on it. There are 3 known nest on our run. The new one is about 50 yards. from the rail.

Took first three pics (of the nest) from my train doing about 25 mph. Took the 4th pic from the train doing 48mph. Kinda surprised me that it wasn't blurred. The bird was a good 150 yards out. ... The 5th pic was through the windshield, and was doing about 30mph it's of a juvenile. Notice his leg hanging, must be an injured bird.Seen several more that I didn't get pics of.

post-2911-1257651238_thumb.jpg post-2911-1257650998_thumb.jpgpost-2911-1257651176_thumb.jpg



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