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I will be expanding my fishing territory this Saturday. Due to my home lake (Lake Wappapello) being 20 ft high due to all the rain, here in prime crappie fishing time, I am going to take a trip over to Reelfoot to try to catch some crappie. I have been reading up on the lake some and took a recon trip over last weekend to look around. Kind of exciting branching out to new waters. I have really never crappie fished on any other lake in the past 15 years cause we usually do pretty well on our Wappapello. Was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice they might want to share.

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My granddad used to live in Kennett, back in the 60's he used to fish Reelfoot quite a bit, there's was always lots of crappie, but they were small on average. I hear nowadays it's still pretty good and the crappie are a little bigger on average. My uncle lives in Memphis and still fished it every once and a while and he says it's still good for crappie and bream. Anyway, if you go it will be interesting to hear how you do.

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I love to fish that lake!

My advice is to use red. Red hooks, red heads, red worms - something red on the end of your line.

...then again, that was in the summer.

Oh yeah, and shinee hiney jigs.

Paul Rone

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Grizzley jigs come from the Grizzley Jig Company in Caruthersville,Mo. http://www.grizzlyjig.com/index.html

They are also a great trout jig.

I think the duck hunters rule the lake now but I bet there still are some winter fishermen out there. I've seen a Bill Dance program on bass that was made during the winter there.

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