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Night Fishing Report

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Wen't last night.

Caught 11 fish, 5 crappie,15"-16",2 walleye,21"-24",2 big white bass,&2 cat fish.

Crappie on minnow's,rest on shad.

I love fishing under light's. :)

All were caught in 45 feet of water 18'-40'deep.

9-7=2 :D

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I only get out once a summer usually and I go to the swimming bluffs on Table Rock. I anchor off the bluff and try to stay in 40-50 feet of water. I've used the floating light but do better with the submergable lights. Most of the time I get a huge ball of shad within an hour under the light. I've always caught fish- whites, crappie, bass- but it's never 'hot and heavy' fishing. But it's fun and relaxing. I usually try to take a pontoon although I hate to trailer them. Just more room to move around.

I used to use a gill net until Quinten told me they were illegal. It was really cool to pull the net up and pluck a shad when I needed one. Now I use a throw net and keep them in a bucket with alittle ice.

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Me & my buddy used to fish there to, caught lot's of white bass pretty fast action, this was about 10 year's ago.

Then tried bullshoals &haven't been back,except in the spring when crappie's

are spawning.

I use starfire 2s from cabelas & shad net from mountain home ark.

Will have to check with buck about gill net's.

Thought i read in rule's &reg's if the squares were a certin size it was legal. about 1/8" to 1/4".

9-7=2 :)

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