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Sorry for the late report but had a lot going on the last few days. I made it down to the river for only the second time this year on Friday. I was on the water by 8:30 am and fished till about 10:30 am. I was wanting to fish a new rod that I bought off of Mark at RDP rods. I'm sure Mark will point out that I bought the rod several months ago. I had a lot of hits and realized that I was a little rusty. It took me 10 or 15 minutes to get everything together. I fished the top three holes of the fly area. I threw several different scud patterns in a size 16. The burlap seemed to be the scud of choice. I also threw a few red Zebra midges with a silver head and silver ribbing. I was fishing under an indicator about 12" to 16". I only fished fast water, where the easy fish live. I had at least 30 fish in two hours. It was a beautiful day, great weather, good fishing and the rod is great. I also took a couple of pictures to try out the camera on my phone.




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