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I started this morning at Bull Shoals Lake boat dock for a Half-day Guide trip with Tim Walker of Mt. Home & John Prentiss of Lakeview with the intent of learning a little about the walleyes on the Big Bull. Lake level is 693.33 surface temp. is 68-70 degrees. At twenty feet it is 62 degrees. We started out fishing nightcrawlers on my special rig and were immediately into fish at the 18-22 foot range . In the next hour and half we caught six species of fish,Walleyes,largemouths, smallmouths, Kentuckies, bluegills,rock bass,and White Bass. And then the real fun began as surfacing fish erupted all around us I tied on a Chartruese Lucky Kraft and John caught eight fish in eight casts and Tim managed 5 in 5 casts.For the next 2.5 hours it was non-stop action with numerous doubles we managed to catch a 54 pound stringer of all six species and all concluded what a way to relax for a morning!! GOD Bless Hotdawg!!post-10029-13052565548222_thumb.jpg

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