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Fishing Report, Sunday 12/11

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My wife dropped me off at outlet #2 around 2:00 pm, only 6-8 cars on the lot, I was very surprised. The temperature was in the mid 50's, very windy and no water running. I tied on a light gray bead headed scud under a small indicator using a 6x tippett and headed to the top of the rebar hole. I caught and released a 13" rainbow on my third cast but nothing after that. The wind began to pick-up even more so I decided to walk down to big hole to strip a wollie bugger and get more of the wind at my back.

When I got to big hole I realized that I had left my fly box on top of the split rail fence by outlet #2. I walked all the way back to the parking lot to find my fly box right where I had left it. I am sure several people could have walked off with it, thanks to those who could have, but didn't.

I went back to big hole and stripped a brown #10 wollie bugger, caught and released one small rainbow and missed a couple of hits. The wind began to die down so I headed back to the top of the rebar hole and used the scud I had on earlier. I caught and released three small ranibows and missed a couple of other strikes.

My wife was going to pick me up at 5:00 so I headed up toward outlet #2 to see if any fish were midging near the bank. There were no fish midging when I arrived and my wife was there so it was off to dinner.

I don't know how the others fared because there were so few anglers that we were spread out all along the water, it was very nice.

I noticed one of the ponds at the hatchery had been drained and there was some equipment around, what are they doing?

It was a short trip but a great time on Taneycomo and staying at Lilley's. Hope to stay longer and fish more in January.

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