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Sculpin / Big Streamer Swap (Full)

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Fall is coming and the browns are on the move...

Here is what Im thinking...

10 to 12 people... 1 week to sign-up (ends 9/12/11) and less then a month to tye...

Flies due by Oct 5

Let stick with sculpins and big streamers.. (not regular woolie buggers)

Lets keep the Normal swap rules....

Send a return package w/with shipping to get them back.. (this should useally cost the same as shipping to me)... .

Anyone Interested?


1. Cocry...... (Flies are in)

2. Mikes fly rods..(Flies are in)

3. Hopper......(Flies are in)

4. ColdWaterFshr.....***** OPTED OUT *****

5. LShack...... (Flies are in)

6. Outside Bend...... (Flies are in)

7. Sean C...... (Flies are in)

8. Micheal Kyle

9. bruegy...... (Flies are in)

10. TArcher ...(Flies are in)

11. Me....(Flies are done)

** NOTE:

I know a few of you guys are close.. but due to being down.. I probably wont be able to do a pick-up like I have been able to do in the past***

Here is where to mail the flies to...

Leonard Keeney

175 A Toni Ln

Branson Mo, 65616

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Maybe tying the strip in back by the bend of the hook more, or make a loop with 30 pound mono underneath the tail and on top of the hook to make a small platform for the strip to sit on.

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