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I should have posted this a long time ago.

If you're interested in fishing Belize (and you should be), I can definitely help you.

I've been in the country on and off living on very (very) limited funds over the last 25 years and while I haven't had that much time to fish it, I've been on the water quite a lot and know the Southern part of the country quite well.

Belize has gotten expensive on the high end, but you can still find terrific (rustic, but terrific) places to stay for 25$ a night OR LESS. Want to fish for goliath grouper from a traditional dugout canoe? Want an experienced fly guide at 300/day/boat? Kayak rentals that don't break the bank? Advice on regulations? Reliable, decent, good-hearted taxi drivers? Better food than you can rememeber?

I'd be glad to hook you up. I can save you 90$ before you ever get off the plane and a heck of a lot of frustration down the road.

PM me if you're interested.










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Hi, My wife and myself are returned Peace Corps Volunteers, were lived in around Belize for about a six years. We first started down there in '82 and we never stopped. We may retire down there in the near future. The old Northern road from Ladysville to Maskall had some great rainbow bass or baysnook action in the shallow lagoons. There are alot of land locked tarpon. Crooked Tree lagoon has a good of population of crana, muss-muss, and baysnook. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are awesome for the big three. Here I am typing in Mo in a wet cold Sunday afternoon ! This spring we are going back to the Jewel.

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I'm off subject here Tim, but I'll be in Cozumel late Jan. for a week. Any fishing experience there for you?

Sorry I was a little slow responding, KC. I generally pass through Mexico without fishing it so I'm not the right guy to ask about Cozumel. I do know the weather is great down there about then and November to February is generally the best time to be in Central America.

This year I met a nice couple this year who run a little resort on the Big Thompson in the summer and run a little hotel in Cozumel in the winter. They were helpful fishing the Big Thompson and I'm sure they can set you up in Cozumel.

You can find them here: laslunasinn@gmail.com

This is their resort in Colorado.


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