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Brian Wise

New Tying Video, The Wedding Crasher

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Thanks guys! :hope-my-fake-smile-works-again:

I hit a point where I was sick to death of listening to a mono-tone fly tyer wrapping thread on a hook for 10 minutes telling me how to palmer hackle.....b.o.r.i.n.g.


Most of my tying videos are meant for those who already know how to tie and don't want to watch a video for 10 minutes to see how to tie something that would take them 3 minutes. Don't take them as a "how-to" style video.

Hey Wrench....gonna cover the whole Galloup line of streamers (well, the good ones at least) in this style over the winter. I figured they would be cool in this style too.

Maybe I need to try doing one of these in Slow-Motion. :goodjob:

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Loved it, are you working on getting those flies to reproduce naturally? If it works let me know, that will leave more time for fishing.

Look forward to more of them.

Made it to the 20 second mark on the other video.

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Don't let the wet blankets bug you, Brian...that's good stuff. The people for whom you spend the time making your videos are watching, and we appreciate it. Haven't seen any creative or entertaining posts come out of those grumblers anyway. Look forward to the Galloup flies...

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