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Bill Babler

Taneycomo From Top To Bottom

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Been on Taney, for over a week right now and for the life of me I cannot figure out when to be over there.

Generation Patterns are really making me put on my fishing cap. They are just wild and off the chart from zero to 4 running high. Time of the day has not mattered this last week, they can be running anything at anytime.

When 4 is up and running hard it is extremely tough to get bit in the restricted zone. It had been hard also in the bait area until the last week, when some very nice fish were added off the ramp at Cooper and also downtown.

Lake is just crammed full of fishermen in those areas, so don't expect this to last a long time. Lots of pontoons with multiple fishermen on each and folks just lining the banks below and above Cooper Creek. With this fantastic weather, and Spring Break, the fishermen are out.

Had one of my best baitfishing days of the year yesterday in that area. 4 clients and 4 limits of very quality bows, all caught drifting gulp eggs in yellow and orange.

When the surf is not up in the restricted zone, fishing green/copperhead Micro's under a float from Claybanks down is just deadly, if you get a hint of breeze.

I'm using F. Carbon 2 lb. test on my tippets and they are just as easy to fish on a light spinning rod as they are a flyrod. Usually 4 to ft. depending on water depth under as light a float as possible. If the wind is not blowing it is more difficult. The water has way cleared up and you can see fish just swarming your fly.

Day before yesterday we probably had 50 one afternoon on the Mixro's and I don't believe over a dozen pulled the extremely light strike indicator under. Just a bob or a riffle off the float to signify you had some business.

I have not been able to get there yet, but I believe there is a fantastic dry fly opportunity right now on the new reef across from the old Fall Creek Boat Ramp. There is a huge tree that has floated into the middle of the new gravel runout and from a city block above the tree to about the same below it, there are hundreds of midging trout. They just ate our indicators off the lines the last few days. We were spin fishing the most part so could not use the dry. I would fish a tandem here using the dry as an indicator and a size 16 copper headed midge about 2 ft. below the dry.

It will work. Those fish are working that area very hard.

Good Luck

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Great report Bill thanks for the heads up. We are headed down there in a week and I am trying to gathering every thing I need. I would say I should have it considering last year when we headed down all I knew about fly fishing was you needed a fly rod and a white jig.

When you say 2lb flurocarbon as your tippet, do you mean you just have your spinning rod spun up with 2lb line? or are you then attaching tippet to the end of it. Thanks


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