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Taneycomo Report 3-18-2012

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Headed down to Taney for a little night/morning fishing. Got down at about 5 and started fishing between outlet 1 and 2. Not much happening , only landed one. When the sun started coming up, I switched to a soft hackle and started catching fish after fish. started just below rebar and landed several nice bows, including the one pictured. Fished all the way down to the old koa campground, I guess it is Trophy Run now? Stayed there for a long time, because the fishing was amazing. Probably landed 30+, should have landed about 50 but missed alot of them and had several making wakes behind the fly, but never hitting it. I did manage to catch one really beautiful brown down there, but did not get a picture taken. All in all, it was an amazing day, long overdue.


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It was a soft hackle that I tie. It is a size 16 tied with the super bright dubbing mixed with the yellow and green that kinda makes a caddis green. I only use a floating line because the fish that I am targeting are the fish that are midging on the surface. The best days to try it are cloudy like yesterday, but I have done well on bright sunny days as well if there is a little chop on the water. I try to find fish on the surface, and cast across or down stream to them so the fly swings in front of them while I am stripping. I strip the fly pretty quickly with short quick strips, never stopping or pausing. The action is great when they are on the fly, making wakes behind, or exploding out of the water from beneath. Hope this helps, and hope the picture shows everything ok.


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