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Greers Ferry Reports?

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I'm headed to Greers this weekend with some of my best friends, none of whom really fish. I won't have access to a bass boat, but will have a party barge while I'm down there. We'll be near Quitman I think...south west part of the lake. Are crappie the deal there right now?

I'd really like to do some trolling since I'll only have the barge. Any reccommendations?

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No one posted a report, so I'll do my best.

Southwest corner of lower lake. Lake very high but dropping. My water warmed up fast and by 10 a.m. fish had moved into the newly flooded areas (or at least they started biting there). Lots of trees that are normally dry in at least eight feet of water. Fishing almost exclusively in the newly flooded areas, I had a fun morning withsix or so between two to three pounds and twice as many smaller ones. Was fishing from a friend's pellican/bass-buddy thing and caught all but one fish on a flick shake worm. They liked it.

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