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Phil Lilley

Fishing Report

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Fishing Report. MDC stocked some rainbows yesterday and the water has slowed some. Fishing this morning was much better.

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Thanks for keeping us all informed. I believe the new site is going great and the participation has been nice. Even as a guide being out most days seeing the teniques other are employing always gives me a working idea of the goings on before I get to the lake.

Also posting the MDC reports was very interesting. Pretty much what we thought on the Browns. I was interested to read they thought that quite a few were rolling over Powersite dam.

In your opinion does this mean they send quite a bit of time in open water near the top of the water column. I have always believed they were more of an ambush type of fish, seeking more of a structure type of enviornment.

I also had in theory from past experence that during adverse conditions that the Brown Trout were more active in warmer water. From reading the report, MDC felt the high warm water had a very negitive effect. Which I believe has proven out with the lack of numbers we have caught since 08. It seems however from the past that if the water was warm, we stopped catching rainbows and caught more brown trout and sucker fish.

Again, Just Super Informantion.

Thanks Bill

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Well, the lake is about 18 inches down on the bank across the lake and the flow isn't as fast. That's what I see... and what the guides are saying. What the Corp site says is usually unquestionably accurate but...

Table Rock is dropping faster than I thought it would. Down to 918. May start dropping 6 inches a day. Will be down to 915 next week at this rate.

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