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Catching Walley

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seems to me like there is a boat dock down at a state camping facility. just outside of forsyth. went there this spring for bait.

cant think of the name of the place but the minnows were pretty darn hardy then.

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yup thats the one,

heading down that way in a couple weeks.

im thinking the third week in october.

ill be scanning this site and sure would

like to hear what is going on.

we mainly fish crappie between bee creek and a mile south of k dock.

ive got quite a few spots lined up between those places and im sure i dont know every thing,we have always had good luck when we were there at the right time(although i did go SIX whole days without a bite on anything a few years back. last day i caught the biggest crappie of my life.) i really love that lake and someday i hope to retire there .trouble is , by then it will probably be as popular as

lake of the ozarks. its really nice to have paved roads all the way to the lake but it also makes it easier for folks to get there.

bull shoals was and in some ways still is one of the most clean and pristine lakes i have ever fished.

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I know its way late for reply to this topic but here goes anyway:

I had planned on making drive in October to go after the 'eyes but it is 850 miles for me and it's not going to happen.

I suggest that you try two tactics (assuming you are day fishing): look for underwater humps with bait fish deep and near inlet water with a little current. Assuming you find these, bet that they're gorging on BIG shad and try spoon jigging real deep with large spoons. Or, troll (vary speed - even stop briefly at times)with BIG shad imitators (shad raps aren't bad; big husky jerks, reef runners, etc) and use either lead core with about 12' leader or 1 1/2 to 2 oz weights to get down.

Look for sunken forest and brush areas and fish suspending deep (20 to 40ft)and try jigging at depth (I've been successful using soft plastics with a lot of weight to get them down).

Eyes will tend to hit on the drop (spooning) or on the stop (trolling).

Hope this helps in some way - and GOOD LUCK!

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just got home from the lake

spent a cold windy week with very little luck

we were chasing crappie and picked a few up from standing timber

but it was very slow. cold fronts and wind pretty much limited our efforts.

gonna have a couple warm days between now and monday so things may pick up a bit. water temp is dropping and iis now around 60.

caught a couple whites trolling crankbaitsout in front of coves,but all and all, fish are suspended on main river channel and very tight lipped.

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Stone- i've been offline since july. Three of us went back down to the Oakland area and managed to boat 8 eyes one day with 4 keepers. We fished 33 feet of water near the deep breaks. We pulled bottom bouncers all day with crawlers and leeches. Wilderness trails gives a great fish report every Monday.

We probably won't get back to Bull till Spring with hunting season going now. Caught 76 crappie at Kentucky Lake last week-3 guys, 2 days. 10-14 inchers- no hogs this fall trip-still a little too early.

Trying to fish the PWT in June at Bull.


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