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Fishing With The Squirrels

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This morning my buddy Sam and I went fishing in the coves on the west side of the main lake near the town of Stockton.

As we were moving down the bank with the trolling motor, I heard some rustling in the trees near shore. When I looked over I saw this squirrel making his way out onto a branch that was overhanging a large boulder in the water. Now as the squirrel was making his way out on the branch I wondered what he was looking for, and behold, right on top of the boulder was a very large acorn.

I told Sam to stop the boat so we could see what was going to happen. As the squirrel approached the end of the branch it was bending over (the branch that is) and getting very close to the top of the boulder.

The next thing I know the squirrel leaps off the branch onto the top of the boulder and yes, you guessed it, the branch sprang back up out of the squirrels reach, trapping him on the boulder. The squirrel stared up at the branch for a moment, then commenced to eating the acorn.

Both of us started laughing and wondered how that stupid squirrel was going to get off that boulder. Then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw this big wake in the water coming out of the weeds heading towards the boulder. And then BAM this huge Largemouth Bass came out of the water, grabbed the squirrel in its mouth, then crashed back into the water headed back to where it had came from.

I was in shock to say the least. Sam and I looked at each other in amazement and could hardly believe what had happened. As we started to move away from the area, here came that wake in the water again. What happened next was truly amazing. That same huge Largemouth Bass came swimming up and carefully placed another acorn on top of that boulder.

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