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Quail Coming Back?

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Well, look around a little you'll see multiple lists of quail predators. Basically it's anything with a mouth. You don't have to stomp on eggs, and you don't have to know how to fly either.

Hell, I said a lot more than turkeys and squirrels anyway -- don't ignore all that good stuff. It's about habitat, food, nesting areas AND predators.

Yeah, I guess this dry weather will help the hatch. But my dang yard is all brown :D

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Back when there was Good Numbers of Quail people were doing more Small Grain Farming and had very little Fescue in the way of Hay it was more Alfalfa,Orchard Grass and Lespedeza.And everyone burnt in the Spring.Plus Possums and Coons were bringing .25 apiece but all the Kids were getting all they could.

Was raised by one of the biggest Road hunters in Green and Polk County,seen him kill 30 birds out of one Covey and still birds left.Not saying I agree with what he did just saying there was birds.


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