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Report 6/26/12

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HOT!!! is the word on the weather. And the fishing is a bit slow during the mid-day hours. The fishing is fair in the shade on dry flies. The early hours spinner baits like the rooster tail is good on spin cast, and dough bait is catching fish early and late.

When the hatch is going on in the early hours from 6:30 to 9:00 a.m. you have to match the size to it. one size bigger or smaller the fly will be left in the drift. Color is not as big a deal as long as it is not something wild and not in the close range of color.

My advice for this week is to get out early and watch for a hatch, rest in the shade and watch for any feeding, fish the shade next to bank and over the grass beds, and as the sun settled off the water move around and look for activity on the surface. Some good fishing can be had if you pick your spots and watch what is going on then work it. For the most action 8X tippet and small #20-26 flies are the best right now in Olive and Cream colors. Caddis hatch has been very slow and far in between. Trico and Midge is the big hatches about every day. Also watch for the beetle drifting in the water. The Japanese beetles have come to the area in the last week. These little guys are not great at flying and make a splash down in the river. Once they hit the water they quickly turn into trout food. So come in and pick up a few of our beetle patterns.

If it changes I will let you know. But the forecast does not look good for the rest of this week. So far the spring's that feed Current River are holding up good.

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