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A Mixed Bag & Missing Billfold

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Tried out Carlyle twice this weekend, both times in the rip/rap just outside the sailboat marina. Was keeping it simple with minnows and bobbers. Caught a mix bag of white bass, crappie, and catfish all within 10 yards of the bank.

I made a quick trip to the spillway for shits and grins. Didn't catch anything, but found a billfold full of money and credit cards. Called Discover and left my name and number. The happy owner called me, stopped by, and pick it up. He offered me money, but I didn't take it. I didn't want or need the money, just doing the right thing. After I thought about that, I wasn't sure... was that rude not to take the money? It was after all, a honest gesture.

All in all a good couple of trips.

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There are still honest people in this world and Mic just proved it. Mic you did the right thing and it was not rude on your part for not taking the reward offred. The owner did the right thing in offering the reward.

Kudo to both of you

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great intentions all around! On a side note, my buddy has fished Carlyle several times this summer and has caught a lot of LM on cranks off the rocks, plus some big cats on the cranks, and many white bass. Carlyle has had some great spawns recently with the floods.

I was curious. I have some of the "crappie cranks" in my box. Should I give those a try there?

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The white bass fishing has been pretty good this year but they seem to turn on for 30/40 mins then stop for 30/40 mins. Train trestles #2,3,4, and the rip rap between them is where all the action is. We usually fish the river channel at trestle 1 for cats when the whites arent biting. had the best luck with shad patterned cranks for the whites and shad for the cats. Your a good man for calling on the billfold. The spillway is a very entertaining place, most people dont know they have cameras all over the south end of the lake so there are a TON of people caught fishing illegally or doing shady stuff all the time there.

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” -Warren Buffett

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