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Motauk Fishing Report For 8/10/12

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65 degrees this morning heading to a high of 88. Now were talking nice weather for a change. Fishing on the river has improved a bit in the last couple day's. The trico hatch is still going on early in the day & some nice sized fish are sipping size 20-24 female trios off the film. The crackle back bite over the grass beds are the best bet during the high sun part of the day, and the egg patterns and San Juan Worm is also a good bet for hooking up with a good sized trout. Some trout in the 2# range are on the stringers this morning out of the bait area. The Secret Bait (Brand Name) is the best of the dough baits and the Red Hot Salmon eggs are the next best.

Fish are still shade holding during the day and will shy away from any fly or bait that is presented on any line bigger than 2# test. A 7 or *X Fluorocarbon line is best used to get more takes. The Trilene and Maxima is just not the line that you want to use to get the most from your presentations. The Insta-set indicators used with the sow bug type flies are the best bet to see that soft take and get you hooked up. The water is as clear as I have ever saw it up in the spring area.

This weekend is going to be a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. So come and enjoy some trout fishing in the great Ozarks outdoors.



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