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Tale Of Two Citys - Gils On The Flyrod

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Friday night was one of the special evenings that only a Dad can have. I took my daughter out to Carlyle to the rip rap outside the sailboat marina. She had her favorite pink rod and spin caster, and I took my fly rod. I set her up with a nymph under a float and did the same for me. I was really starting to tear them up, and like any kid, she wanted a piece of the action. So I retaught her how the throw a fly and let her be. Soon enough she had caught her first fly rod fish where she cast, set the hook and brought it in. Before this, I did at least one of the three. We ended up catching a bunch of gils. So we went in to town to Pizza Hut for dinner and got an ice cream cone on the way home. Simply, a great night.

Then I went out by myself on Sunday, and didn't catch a thing. Ain't fishing a b*#@*.

PS... I looked great with my pink rod :secret-laugh:

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