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I for one like the Maxima line...

I use Maxima on my fly rod as tippet and leader... and I have it on my spinning rods....

I have 1 of the spinning rod set up with 6lb line... for night fishing and throwing rapala's

the other 3 I have set up with 4lb Maxima.. for daytime..

This line will twist if your using an in-line spinner (like a rooster tail)...

so my suggestion would be to put a swivel on it and it souldnt twist...

Maxima line is worth the buck you put out on it...


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P-Lime CX can't be beat. Fluorocarbon coated for abrasion resistance, small diameter and strong.

Its my favorite, and I've used a lot of lines I find this one is as good as any. Compare diameters and you'll see that a small diameter is one of its strong points.

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Lots of good line out there.

Least expensive is Bass Pro Shops Excel. I've been using the 4 lb and 6 lb of late.NO problems with it trout fishing on the Spring river.

I have used Silver Thread AN40 and Super Silver Thread for years in 6 lb to 20 lb. I got it inexpensively and it has worked well. I have no need to change.

I currently am trying out some CX Premium on my crappie jig poles. I'm liking it so far, but early on.

McCoy Mean Green is good stuff too, but their 6 lb is probably a 10 lb line marked as 6 lb.

Tectan is high dollar and the thinnest line going, but it is an open water line. It CAN NOT hadnle the abrasion from rocks in the 4.9 lb size. If I'm gonna buy thicker line, I don't buy Tectan - I buy something cheaper.

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I cant really tell a bit of difference among a lot of the mono brands I've tried..Plain old Berkelely Trilene XL works just fine, as does Mean Green. Power Pro braid works really well too. I like the 4/15, but I had problems with the 2/10. If the water is clear I use a floro leader on the braid. Cheers.

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