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Sculpin Recipe

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I checked out a video on the high water sculpin, I think that might be a little too advanced for me, but mostly a little too large for what I am wanting to throw.

Here is a link to a sbs that I came across, let me know what your opinions are. It seems fairly simple, but I am not sure if a cone head or a dumbbell eye look would be better, also not sure on the colors. Thanks for the help.


I think that'd work fine Justin, it's pretty similar to the Slumpbuster and Matuka patterns I had mentioned earlier. Olive, Black, Dark Brown and Gray have always been pretty effective sculpin colors for me. And don't get discouraged- simplicity works. Many nice fish are taken from Taney each year on olive and brown marabou jigs- thats about a simple a tie as you can get :)

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I have been in to plateau a few times to pick some stuff up, great shop! Just never looked for these.

Thanks a ton guys. I think here in the next week or so I'll pick up some stuff to tie up some of rfd's suggestion as well as outside's slumpbuster. If I feel they are worthy I will put up some pictures. Thanks a ton guys.

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Is it just me, or does that dude tying the sculpin helmets have two blonde pig tails hanging down his shoulders?

Thats what it looks like.

Justin if you go with the first fly ditch the 200R for something with a shorter shank and a wider gap like a B10s.

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