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Greetings Folks~

Less than a year ago, Phil allowed the addition of forum topics related to the Striped Bass family. It has been fun, helpful and informative for those who have participated and shared. I have enjoyed being moderator of these topics despite time limitations during the middle part of the year due to demands of a new job.

Striper forum topics certainly won't be as popular as trout fishing forum topics but they do have their place. The popularity and respect for the Temperate Basses is growing steadily across the country.

What I would appreciate your input on is how we can improve/change the topics to make them more helpful to more fishermen.

The original topics were selected to introduce and educate folks that might not have been previously familiar with fishing or fly fishing for these awesome fish.

The current topics are "what is the Striper Family?", "why do you fish for these species?", "where do you fish for these species?", "tackle and flies", and "conventional tackle".

So, what do you like and suggest we keep, what would you suggest we omit, and what would you like to see added? Please provide as much detail and explanation as you can. All your collective input and comments will be greatly appreciated and seriously considered.

Thanks in advance to all who respond.


Bill Butts

Springfield MO

"So many fish, so little time"

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I am extremely interested in catching a huge stiper or hybrid on a flyrod. My small trout outfits probably won't hold a 30 plus pound striper. I've read everything on this forum about stripers and just to imagine bringing in one of those monsters gets me excited. Please keep all existing topics on the forum. I'll just have to gear up one day and make that move.

Waiting patiently.....Don

Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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Nice fish SIO3.

How about moving the Arkansas River, Illinois River, and any others that have to do with Temperate Bass thread to this section, adding a current flow link to it as well. And I am sure I will think of other things as time goes by.

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Bill, I am primarily a warm water guy. I can't explain it but the desire to catch a limit of whites on a fly rod ranks very high on my wish list and has for some years now. So far I have not a single one to my credit on a fly rod; which is really aggrivating because I tied some all white Couser minnows for a friend a couple of years ago and he took them to LOZ the very next week and caught 3, 15-inch hybreds. So besides some differnt freinds, all I need is all the information I can get my hands on. The where's, the when's and if avilible, the why's. How's are importand, but they are secondary to the others.

I check this section of the forum all the time just to see what has been happening. If it gits posted, I will read it as soon as I am able.

I don't suppose there any fly fishing for white bass guides out there?

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I know of some beautiful places to cast a streamer for white bass in the spring. The Little Niangua would be one of them, in the first mile above LOZ. Anytime in April, especially after a warm rain.

Right now, you could easily catch them on streamers while wading the flats and shallow points at Truman or Smithville.

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I know of real shallow point on the north end of Truman State park where Tebo runs into the grand. I have never fished it but it looks fishy. I had no idea that this was the time of the year for that sort of thing. Of course the best time to go fishing is when ever one has a chance to go. Thanks for the info.

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