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Beaver Lake Dangerous Spots.

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Those arrowhead laws are kind of ridiculous IMO.

It will be interesting to see what the FLW guys do if the lake is still down in April when the FLW comes to Beaver. If they think there's bass in the uplake river channels those guys will blast up there.

I agree.If i find a lure on the ground,im gonna pick it up.If i find a quarter on the ground,im gonna pick it up.Im not saying i ever have,but,if i find a arrowhead at the lake,im going to pick it up.Now the guys that tresspass and dig and destroy actual sites and graves,thats a different story.they should be arrested,prosecuted,and have to pay such a huge fine that they wont ever do it again.But as far as an arrowhead laying on the ground,thats like finding a shotgun shell on the ground many years from now.I have arrowheads ive found on friends and familys property and if you find a arrowhead,you pick it up.They say its about Loss of Historical Information/Data,but its not.The fact is,a arrowhead laying on the ground is just proof that indians were in that area.And we all learned that indians existed in school.I used to send a couple of cases of tools and points to school with my daughter when ever they were talking about indians,and the kids and teachers enjoyed it.In my eyes some laws are just absolutly ignorant.

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Would like to know how much swepco has come up if you get out there this sun.

We were out there yesterday. Lowest I've ever seen the water on Swepco, and it's only been a couple of weeks since we were there last. Ramp is still fine, though.

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