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Phil Lilley

"I lost my wife?!"

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When I was at my truck gearing up to start fishing, he came by and ask me if I had seen a girl in a white hat. I though that he might be refering to a kid, but they he said he was looking for his wife. He was pretty upset at this time. I told him that if it was my wife, she would be in the car warming up, or in the bath room. She must be a trooper if she was fishing. It was fairly cool at that time.

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I just heard this on the news...Man found dead, floating in area lake with a two foot section of fly rod sticking out of the back of his head, and waders wrapped tightly around his neck. Authorities have no clue, as to who he is. If you have any information in this matter, to please contact Terry Beeson, because he will be very upset he wasn't able to post this first... haha joke.

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Ok, this was somewhat of a surpirse for my wife and I. As I , am the guy that lost his wife. I can answer all of the burning questions that this blog had assked, and yes, I have a sense of humor.

If you doubt my sincerity in this, ask Carolyn at River Run, she knows us both.

First, this was our first time without a guide below the dam. It was my wife's birthday present to take her to Taneycomo fishing for the week. This went down on her birthday. Before I go on I want to thank all of the guys that responded to my 911 call. They were great. Especially after they found my wife fishing.

So first, we were not the couple that harrased the man at outlet #1. My wife hates to fish around people, so she was never there, and I was there for about 20 minutes on Thursday. So, not us. :)

Next, yes I am a big guy.

Next, my wife did not know about the description until we found this blog, so the jury is still out on the weight question, but so far I have not lost any vital parts.

Next, since she hates crowds, and is a rookie caster, she did not want to get in anyones way. So she looked for a quieter spot to fish. I just did not think she would go that far downstream to find it.

After she was found we went to River Run to find out we were very well known. Carolyn and Robbie had a great laugh about that.

She had just caught her FIRST EVER solo fish when the guys found her. So of course she did not want to leave.

Just so you all know, we left, had lunch, discussed proximity issues and returned to fish until dark. We fished until Saturday, only caught one fish, HERS, and are looking forward to our next trip which I booked tonight while trolling sites in Branson. Which is how I found this one.

So, I can take it, I can answer it, and I really love the area. Everyone we met this week treated us like they had known us all our lives. We just did not relize how many people now know us.

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What a small world...

I could tell you were more embarrased than upset. I had just walked up when they got the call she was found and that she wanted to keep fishing. You said, "she said what?!" Classic. One trip you'll talk about for a long time I'm sure.

Hope we can help witht your next trip. But it will be hard to follow Stan and Carolyn's instruction... they are the best.


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