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Phil Lilley

"I lost my wife?!"

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Robbie is the rookie, LeAnn is a little more seasoned as foar as fly fishing is concerned.

With the river running as full as it was they decided it was not really safe for them to go down and try and fish. They had one fisherman that was fishing from the bank lost last week. The water had undermined the area he was standing on. He did not realize this until he was in the water.

So they decided not to take any risks. She was not real happy. She was looking forward to the trip. They did the sightseeing thing instead.


The post does look alittle harsh with that face. Didn't notice that until now

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Well, my oldest son has had way too much fun with all this.

He decided that we needed to be identified at Taney. So for Christmas he went out and had hats made for us. So, If you see people at Taney with LMW on the hats they are wearing, ya know it's us.

Rob says if she gets recognized anywhere but on the water or in the fly shops I will be sleeping on the coach until I retire or die. :lol::huh::rolleyes:

But she does love the hats. :wub:

See you guys Monday

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so one hat is L ost M y W ife is the other WBF "Was Busy Fishin"...:lol: :lol: cant wait to meet yall


That's good, Rob liked that. :lol::lol:

She did put a note in her live journal. It read, "Nothing says I love you like a call to 911!"

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I just joined the site today and have been reading a few past posts. This story and the evolution of the posts, especially when LMW jumps on, has to be the best of the web. This should win an award.

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard, seen so many make comments, and then seen so many put their feet in their mouth.

Thanks all,


PS: Visiting Tanney at the end of Jan; I will be looking for the LMW hats.

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Good Evening OA

This weekend marked one year since Rob and I gaied notority in Branson.

Since them we have added a huge number of people to our list of friends.

I took the advice of Terry and bought an all welded john from Tracker boats to fish on the sall lakes in our area. This year on Rob's birthday, instead of getting lost, she caught several nice bass, ( one 4 pounder) on ultrlight tackle, (4 lb test line).

We have been working 7 days a week since we returned from Branson on January 2, 2007. But we have been fishing for crappie, bass abdblugill from on our small fishing lake. She caught the bug, so we have been on the water 3 days a week since July 4.

WE are looking forward to getting back to Branson by New Years at the latest. We hope to see everyone around Thanksgiving.

Not dead, just dead tired

LMW and WBF :goodjob:

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