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Short Report 2/2

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Well I bought the wife her first pair of waders and took out to the Springs on Saturday for a little while. I forgot about the fishing ending at 4 so we only got to fish for about an hour. We were downstream from the spring and had what I thought was a pretty good day. I hooked into 6 fish and landed 4 while my wife caught her first trout as well. Im realativly new in learning what different flies and such are called but I caught 2 on an orange san wan worm type fly and then not sure what you would call the other but it looks similar to a crappie jig but is about 8th its size, i used a white with a pink head and my wife used a pink with chart head. Wasnt too crowded and I was successful in getting her hooked on trout fishing...although I think she just enjoyed walking in the river and watching the fish gather around her...

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