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River Level Question.

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My memory isn't what it use to be. OK then, great fishing, great scenery, lots of work, not always alot of water if carrying camping gear, long shuttles! That should sum it up!

Now about Snap floating it again...believe it when I see it!! LOL

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My cousin and I floated Thomasville to Turner in March 2010. Bardley gage was around 1,000 cfs, Jack's Fork at Mtn View was 375 cfs. Ideal conditions for floating. No problems on the upper river, though the river is very skinny at Thomasville. It rather quickly opens up.

Our fishing was excellent (smallmouth) from Posey Spring on down. One of our best March trips ever. We threw a lot of baits but primarily were running these white pink streaked jigs we got at the store in Eminence, right at the bridge.

FWIW. I will say this: the river is a bit tricky at that level so be careful. A lot of volume especially below Cane and while not a big deal the combination of cold temps and fast water make tipping no fun.

Yes, we learned the hard way!


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