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Phil Lilley

Bull Shoals - Pics Of Pothole And Willow Bank Area

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Took some pictures of at the Pothole area below Powersite Dam yesterday. We ran up to the gravel bar on the east side of the lake because the water was only 6 feet deep there. I was in a friend's boat and didn't want to chance veering out of the channel and hitting something. Anyhow- you can see how low the water is now. Bars would be great for fly fishing.






This is the willow bank below the 76 bridge that crosses the lake close to Swan Creek and Shadow Rock Park. It's downstream about 1/2 mile and on the west side of the lake. You can access this bank off 76/160, driving across the field as long as it's not muddy. It's a great place to fish because the water gets deep quick. Whites and walleye are caught off this bank each spring.


This is an eagles net in a big sycamore tree on the willow bank. It's used as a landmark by some fishermen.

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One of the guys in the shocking boat made a comment the other night, "that they picked up a lot of their fish off the left bank going up off the gravel bank". I feel like the area that he was referring to, was the area in your 3rd pic below the fisherman. Great pics....

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