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Having a bit of a brain fart... There's been one unit running recently, so I am assuming there will be one running tomorrow since I am thinking about driving down in the morning. One unit is safely wadeable and fishable correct? For some reason, I can't remember how much water is coming out at one unit! Thanks for your help guys!

- Nick

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You need to check the stream gauge to actually know if it's wadable. I've waded with one unit but the cfs release was around 1500. Right now it says one unit but it is over 4000 cfs release. You won't be wading in that.


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Nick, check out this link: http://www.swt-wc.usace.army.mil/power/hydropower.html#TOP

click on the Gauge Data link for Tenkiller.

What I have found is , as long as the Elevation Feet is greater than the Flood Control Pool Bottom, 632 feet, the Corps will generally run 1 or more units 24/7. Once the Elevation Feet drops to 632 they will turn it back over to SWP to use for generation purposes.


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If they are releasing around 4,000 cfs its unfishable unless you floated it, with 1 unit going it will flow at around 1800-2000 cfs still be fishable in a few places, but I have never had much luck fishing it then. When they are just releasing a small amount and the flow is at 100-200 cfs the fishing is the best imo. If you look at lake tenkillers water levels, 632ft is where they like to keep it at. If its above that, like it is right now they are more likely to release water, they are also alot more likely to release even when its not scheduled. the opposite is true when the levels are below 632ft. You can also look at the inflow cfs and see how much water is coming into the lake, i think right now its around 3000cfs which is alot. It is usually around 500ish. With the rain that we just got overnight I would imagine it the inflow is going to go up quite a bit higher. So probobly no fishing for a couple of weeks or more until they get the lake level down to 632. Anyway just a couple things that I have noticed over the last few years.

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I have been waiting for water like this for months! Probably be floating in the drift boat Saturday and Sunday depending on what the other rivers do in the next 24 hours. Has anyone been down there to see what the river looks like under generation lately? Is it nasty?


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