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4-28-2013 Beaver Report

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With family in town I got a late start today, did not even launch until 10:30 and headed right for Beaver Shores.

The fish have moved out to deeper water with the bright sun 20 to 25 fow but the fish were suspending from 22 to 12 under shad balls. The small stocker stripers have moved in, I am talking 1 to 2 pounds max and were a nuisance I caught probably 60 of the dang things. The first Walleye came at 2:20 pm and the second at 2:35pm Both were on a wide swing into 35fow I was running the #7 flicker shad in Pearl White 140ft behind the boat.

Walleye #3 and 4 came at 3:00pm dead on both rods went off and trying to keep them separate was interesting to say the least I ended up having to put the boat in gear and prey the second didn't wall off while I was landing the first. All went well and both were in the boat.

I kept trolling for awhile and picked up a few decent 2 to 2.5 pound whites and 5 more walleye. All walleye were between 22 and 26 inches interestingly 3 of them coughed up small Kentuckies 5'' size and when cleaning one tonight it had a Smalle Kentucky and a small walleye in its gut.


The marks on the Fat right accounted for the double hook-up. I have my line out to boat speed so I know where on the graph the line will meet the fish.


These were those pesky stripers.


These were the Whites that found a shad ball


The one the bottom left was the first walleye I snapped the shot right as the rod went off. He had found the Restaurant.


First Walleye of the day.

Later in the day I had seen some splashing going on in a cove and thought it might be some whites or hybrids and took a little drive over to it. Then I saw tailing fish and knew right away they were big carp. The saltwater fisherman in me started getting excited so I tied on a Keitech and quitly drifted into some buckbrush where my boat would sit and make not noise. I started pitching it out in front of them and slowly bringing it back and ended up catching 7 nice carp sight fishing them like redfish or bonefish and on 10lb they were a lot of fun.



When opportunity presents itself never pass up a chance for any fish to pull on your line they are all good fish.

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A real man would have eaten those carp......when I was in Germany they were prized food fish. For some reason I betting you released the carp and ate the walleye even though there are plenty of carp in that lake.

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Actually the walleye is soaking for tomorrow night and carp number#2 has been ground 5 times and is seasoning for carpburgers and taco's :)

1. Ground up carp 5 times minimum

2. place carp in large bowl

3. Add, 2 tablespoons curry, 1 table spoon powdered red pepper, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon onion powder

4. mix with hand for 5 minutes

5. Place ball in fridge and rotate it top to bottom every 6 hours for 24 hours. make hamburger to taco with it.

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You're likely the only guy in Arkansas to throw Keitech at carp. Don't get me wrong, I'm jealous as hell. Looks like a ton of fun. NIce electronics. I'm not getting that quality look out of mine yet.

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Ham, I cant help myself to many years Saltwater fishing and when I see tailing fish the little monster in me comes out something about sight fishing tailing fish that drives me crazy... The Keitechs were what I had available I haven't put the flyrod in the boat yet or I would have been throwing a fly at them.. Gar will be next on the target list for a fly if the water keeps warming up like it has been.

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