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Time For Another Swap?

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Hey all, just seeing if anyone has any interest in another swap. I'll go ahead and host, I was thinking something like a hopper swap or even a baitfish swap, OR go ahead and start the swap for the next fall Brown trout swap.

We can even set up both with different due dates for each.

Let's hear some thoughts.

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Just a couple more ideas to see.if any body hets on board.

An articulated swap.

Or your master fly swap. You tie what you tie best. For some that may be a Catskill style dry or a big nasty streamer.

Just some food for thought.

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Most definitely Ruthead. I'll probably open the brown trout streamer swap sometime next week.. #2. Bigger, badder, Meaner.

I'll let everyone get wrapped up with family stuff on the fourth before committing to a swap again.

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