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Stockton Lake Guide Service

Stockton Lake Fishing Report 08/05/2013

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Stockton lake fishing report

Lake level is up 6.40 feet and rising. The water up the rivers is muddy and the main lake is normal to stained. Water temp has dropped off to the upper 70’s to the lower 80’s. That is pretty low for this time of year. As of this report, my rain gauge had 6 inches in it from the past 24 hours. Not bad for a time that is supposed to be hot and dry.

With the huge rains we have been getting, catfish are by far the fish that are easiest to catch. When you find current, you will find catfish. I’m even going to give up one of my spots this week, but it will only hold 2 to 3 boats, so use this spot to find some of your own and you will quickly see how easy of a pattern this is after a big rain. I have been going back into greaser, and going back far enough that the creek is only about 40 foot wide, and you can cast all the way across it. Find a spot to tie up and use night crawlers or catch some shad. If you can see water coming in or even flowing backwards in the creek, then you should be able to catch the catfish. Fish in 5 to 7 foot of water and 1 or 2 poles are all you will want to use. They should keep you busy enough. You should be able to get a limit in under a couple of hours. Now if you are going from the bank, then you will have to do some hiking, but it can be done. Find someplace you can hike into and find water coming into the lake by a feeder creek. Then just have your net ready!!

The rain has effected the walleye a little but they are still biting some. Even with the cooler water, there are still some fish out on flats and the longer points. Use night crawlers and some spoons to get them to bite. If you have trouble locating them then use the bottom bouncer and move a little faster. They seem to be relating to rocks and drop offs for shade.

Crappie have been hit and miss, but when you hit, it’s a big fish. We had 14 all over 11 inches the other day, some really nice fish. Try hitting brush piles in 20 foot of water, and by the time you get there it could be in 25 foot of water. Minnows are working best still, but a few fish are coming on jigs. If you are not finding them in the brush, try secondary points and areas close by where they will be feeding.

The white bass have been hitting a little on points. Spoons and road runners fished on the windy main lake points in the hawker point area have been doing pretty good. In the evening be watching for feeding fish up on the flats.

Slayem and filletem!! If you have any questions, give me a call at 417-637-2277

Bob Bennett

Stockton Lake Guide Service

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Fished Saturday and they were scattered from 25fow to 1ft. Caught them on football jigs, buzz bait, DD crainckbaits and flipping. Only 4 keepers very tough day for me. Couldn't get them dialed in, never saw any good sized schools on the graph and really never found a stretch shallow. One or two here and one or two there. Figured they would get shallow with the lake on the rise. Best of luck sorry for the vague report but that was the tone of my day!

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