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C & R Opener Bragging Time

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Brian, did you fish zone one only or both 1 and 2?

I stayed in zone 1 until I met up with Ollie about 2PM then we went down to zone 2 for about an hour. By then the fishing had slowed down quite a bit.

I stayed in zone 1 with my fishing buddy (AKA "The Wife") as it was her first day with a fly rod. I perched her on a riffle and worked around three pools. Didn't make it yesterday but will be there today. The weather looks wonderful but there is a gusty breeze here on my place just east of Cassville (9am local). Hopefully it will die down; those leaves on Friday were a real pain!


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Well it was a wonderful opening weekend for Roaring River all told. Lots of fish, some good sized, no crowds and great weather. I met some really great people too; thanks Ralph for giving me one of your homemade wonders, thanks Roger for giving me a set of Geezer Pleezers, they really helped. Thanks to Duane for all the shared knowledge. Thanks to everyone else; if I missed your name I'll be sure to get it when we meet again.

Brian (and Helen)

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